Flamingo joins WWNBB – Listen/Watch “Mother”

WWNBB is very happy to introduce Flamingo and their first single “Mother“. The trio composed of Lavinia Siardi, Giacomo Carlone and Iulian Dmitrenco drops this first take from the forthcoming album Komorebi, through the visual work of director UOLLI.

Premiered on Week in Pop, “Flamingo’s visual for “Mother” works with the song craft motifs of confrontation and catharsis. Lavinia pens poetic lyrical letters to their parents in a candid expression on the intricate pressures of expectation and the aches that arrive with the inherent autonomy of unbridled ambition. Sections of the misty woods are draped and illuminated in glowing pathways of softly twinkling strings of light that guide Siardi along winding paths of trees, briers and branch. The camera follows Lavinia’s journey that moves in time to the maudlin guitar strings and deeply pensive synths that orchestrate the punctuated outbursts of affirmation and reckoning that move into a lull before the arrangement explodes into its climactic apex of energy. As the moods and momentum rides down and up and down along a narrative prime for an amusement park dark ride; the finale sees Lavinia, Iulian and Giacomo running out toward a curious orange frame, as the perspective lens zooms out to show the Flamingo trio standing strong amid a breathtaking and jaw-dropping view of the group standing amongst the giants of their surroundings of natural mountainous splendor.”

Mother is available on all digital platforms and through our Bandcamp pages.