Out now! Skelets On Me – Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak

 Valentina Giani comes from Bruneck, between the mountains of Trentino, but it is in the city of Trieste where she writes, plays and records her songs. Maruška Kapić and Francesco Candura (Jennifer Gentle, Stop the Wheel) complete the trio. They take the name of Skelets On Me, and their first work is titled Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak, pressed on 7″ vinyl with a track per side, and available also as a digital download EP of 6 songs. Skelets On Me’s sound is gaunt and direct as K records’ school taught us to love.  Joining together rough electric assaults and innocent melodies in the tradition of bands like Sleater-Kinney, Breeders and Huggy Bear, seems entirely natural and spontaneous for Skelets On Me. And listening to their music, comes natural to crank-up the volume more and more.

 Valentina Giani è originaria di Brunico, tra i monti del Trentino, ma è nella città di Trieste che scrive, suona e registra le sue canzoni. I suoi compagni di avventura sono Maruška Kapić e Francesco Candura (Jennifer Gentle, Stop the Wheel). Prendono il nome di Skelets On Meil loro primo lavoro si intitola Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak, stampato in vinile 7″ (una traccia per lato), e disponibile anche in download digitale come EP di 6 canzoni. Il suono degli Skelets On Me è quello scarno e diretto che la scuola K Records ci ha insegnato ad amare. Unire ruvidi assalti elettrici e melodie innocenti, nel solco della tradizione di band come Sleater-Kinney, Breeders e Huggy Bear, riesce ai Skelets On Me del tutto naturale e spontaneo. E ascoltando la loro musica viene voglia di alzare sempre di più il volume.

Be Forest’s Earthbeat’s pre-sale starts today!


Less than a month to the official release of Be Forest‘s sophomore album, and with the limited edition of the red vinyl already sold out, starting today it is possible to pre-order Earthbeat on white vinyl, jewelcase CD, or digital on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Here you can get your copy, come on!
Pre order the album through Itunes

Listen to Captured Heart, first single from Earthbeat.

Finally cold. in 12″ vinyl

Be Forest | I.O. from Less Tv on Vimeo.

Finally! the long awaited,  critically acclaimed, limited edition vinyl release of .cold is is up for pre-order. Around 400 in print, the vinyl version has been re-mastered (Bluefemme Studio) and co-released with BloodRock rec. Heavy vinyl in heavy jackets, it comes with instant mp3 download link.

  • limited edition transparent green vinyl, the run is around 100 units, so we’re sure they’ll go fast, the preorder price is € 18,00 (free shipping in Italy) and then € 22,00.
  • limited edition black vinyl, around 300 copies, the preorder price is € 15,00 (free shipping in Italy) and then € 18,00.


The album comes with terrific artwork by long time collaborator CakebyCake. Check out the preview below:

Be Forets has released a new video for “I.O.”, directed by Pietro Borzì, the track is taken from the digital single Hanged Man and is also included in the vinyl tracklist:

1. 1- NTR 1.32
2- Wild Brain 3.10
3- Buck & Crow 3.25
4. Florence 4.02
5- Dust 4.31
6- Thrill 3.29

7- Blind Boy 4.10
8- Your Specters 3.02
9- Screaming Prayers 3.24
10- I.O. 2.03

Out on August 06th! The vinyls will be shipped after the release date.

OUT NOW! Brothers in Law – Gray Days

I Brothers in Law nella vita reale sono due talentuosi “cognati”.
Nicola (Be Forest) e Jack si sono incontrati nel salotto delle sorelle Delle Rose mentre aspettavano le rispettive stupende ragazze.
Quella notte, dopo una deliziosa cena sul mare di Pesaro, riaccompagnarono a casa le due fanciulle e la mattina seguente al loro posto caricarono in macchina due chitarre. Era un giorno di vento e sole d’inverno, uno di quei giorni che sai saranno importanti. Accesero l’autoradio e il vecchio nastrone che non smetteva mai di girare aveva Vaselines, Breeders, Pastels, Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill sul lato A e Wavves, Jay Reatard, Kills, A Classic Education e un demo della Captured Tracks sul lato B.
Passarono la giornata in sala prove sommersi dai beat di una vecchia drum machine, sulla via del ritorno si fermarono in un club dove il loro amico Andrea metteva i dischi. Quella sera Andrea suonò le stesse canzoni sentite alla radio. Per un attimo pensarono fosse una cosa incredibile, ma venne poi naturale chiedergli di prendere in mano le bacchette ed entrare nella famiglia.
Erano nati i Brothers In Law.

Recorded and mixed by Alessandro Gobbi
Vinyl mastering by Marco Franzoni at Bluefemme Studio (www.bluefemme.it)
Digital mastering by Alessandro Gobbi


Brothers in Law are two real talented “brothers in law”.
Nicola (Be Forest) and Jack met each other in Delle Rose’s living room waiting for their beautiful girlfriends.
That night they took the two sisters home after a lovely dinner by the sea in Pesaro. The following morning they took out two guitars instead. It was a windy, winter, sunny day. They both realized it was an important one.
They turned on the car radio and an MC compilation started playing The Vaselines, The Breeders, The Pastels, Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill on the A side and Wavves, Jay Reatard, Kills, A Classic Education and some samples from Captured Tracks on the B side.
They spent the day in the studio and on the way back they stopped by a club where their mate Andrea was DJing. Andrea was playing the same tunes they just played on the car radio. “Unbelievable” they reckoned.
Andrea pulled out his drum sticks. Brothers In Law was born

Recorded and mixed by Alessandro Gobbi
Vinyl mastering by Marco Franzoni at Bluefemme Studio (www.bluefemme.it)
Digital mastering by Alessandro Gobbi

Brothers in Law – Gray Days

brothers in law

band: Brothers in Law
format: 7″ vinyl (package includes download code)

title: Gray Days

pre-order date: Jan 23rd
release date: Feb 13rd

lato A / 01-Holy Weekend 02-Sharp Leaves
lato B / 03-Ode to Love

We Were Never Being Boring is teaming up with CFrecords and MattaLab to release the amazing Brothers In Law debut, it comes in a limited edition of 250 copies!

A Classic Education – Hey There Stranger (with exclusive Remixes)

We Were Never Being Boring Collective and Lefse Records team up to bring you the vinyl version of A Classic Education‘s Hey There Stranger. Originally released at the end of 2010 in digital and cd format, this EP is the bands first bold announcement to the world. As webzine The Line Of Best Fit puts it “you’re unlikely to find a more polished introduction to a band than Hey There Stranger– if a debut album can carry even half the substance, melodies and brains of this first work, it’ll come close to being a modern day, you guessed it, classic.”The EP is now expanded to include 5 remixes of artists loved by A Classic Education. Exclusive to this release are Banjo Or Freakout‘s minimal idm-warped take on Terrible Day, Visions Of Trees‘ spazz-electro-palm party I Lost Time, Crimea X and their cosmic kraut version of Devilish Coast Sway, Welcome Back Sailors gives the french touch to Gone To Sea while Death In Plainsgoes with the “destroys all barriers” approach.”The brightness of their wonderful songs is hard to contain on any terrestrial plane”. – Altered Zones”Classic is right. Songs so sturdy you’d swear you’ve heard ‘em before. You haven’t, but you will.” – SPIN

I Lost Time feels like an epic single painstakingly assembled from discarded piles of sonic rubble. Truly impressive stuff.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

Terrible Day (Banjo or Freakout Remix) by headphonesman

title: Hey There Stranger (with exclusive Remixes)
band: a classic education / website / fb
format: vinyl 12″
Release Date:July 15th 2011
limited edition: 300 copies


1. Gone To Sea
2. Terrible Day
3. What My Life Could Have Been
4. Devilish Coast Sway
5. I Lost Time
6. Toi

1. Terrible Day (Banjo Or Freakout remix)
2. I Lost Time (Visions Of Trees remix)
3. Gone To Sea (Welcome Back Sailors remix)
4. Devilish Coast Sway (Crimea X remix)
5. Gone To Sea (Death In Plains remix)

Yes/Sun for (pre)sale!

Yes! Welcome Back Sailors bring us the Sun! Summer is here and it’s shaped as a good sounding vinyl. Ten songs that go straight under your skin and stay there as a heartbeat, soundtrack for your days as the good season starts kicking. That’s why our pre-order is a “summer special” with our t-shirt offer: you can purchase the first Welcome Back Sailors’ full lenght for 10€, or have the special WWNBB t-shirt as well just adding 5€! Just remember to write us what girl or boy size you want!

title: yes/sun
band: welcome back sailors / website / fb
format: vinyl 12″
limited edition: 300 copies

side A
1)I’ll be there 4:29
2)A fortune teller song 3:35
3)Season 3:34
4)Hero 1:24
5)Other directions 3:49

side B
1)Celebrating a bright mind 3:47
2)About us 4:16
3)In my home 3:44
4)Skateboard 4:17
5) Inner Charm 5:38

wasted again

Crazy excited to have in our hands the precious vinyl, we can’t stop ourselves from sharing with you I Want You To Disappear.

This is not the debut single from Young Wrists‘s forthcoming new album “Wasted Youth“, out soon on 7″ vinyl, but a re-mastered version of the first demo that the band released a few months ago. Listen to these great tunes that made us fall in love with them!

You can pre-order the 7” vinyl here and in the meanwhile download I Want You To Disappear for FREE here.

Or even better go and see them live, for example at the Lomography Gallery Store opening party! Ain’t this band cool?

04.12.10 Milano @ Lomography Gallery Store | ITA
11.12.10 Milano @ Magnolia | ITA
17.12.10 Bologna @ Covo w/ Death in Plains | ITA
26.12.10 Ferrara @ Zuni| ITA