The Ian Fays – Tour and Videos

The Ian Fays have been rather busy in the last period: since the release of The Most Spectacular Party our favorite Californian sisters have released a home-made video for each one of the songs on the album. Today’s video is for the song Videoface and features a famous actress (to be..). On top of that, the band is on the road to play their new songs! For the Italian shows our friend Anna prepared this cute poster:



The Ian Fays – The Most Spectacular Party

Ten years ago today The Ian Fays performed on a stage for the first time. Today we are thrilled to announce that the twin-fronted/San Francisco-based band celebrates this anniversary with a new album called The Most Spectacular Party.  Eleven songs on which the sisters Elizabeth and Sara have been working for the past 3 years. With The Most Spectacular Party, the fragile and seductive twee vibe of The Ian Fays finds a new character: the low-fi and playful electronic sound of the beginnings, the one that went by the motto “broken casios, broken hearts”, becomes now an acoustic and more mature folk-pop that no longer fears to explore the darker and deeper sides. The collaboration with Kendra Lynn as a producer and engineer greatly influenced the shaping-up of the album during and after the recording sessions at Jackpot! recording studio in Portland, Oregon. While in studio, the songs were enriched with new arrangements, including slide guitar, percussion, trumpets and sitar. But the main focus, the core of the songs, were then and always are those persuasive voices, offered to the listener as a sincere,  spontaneous and open feeling. Voices singing sad words but at the same time full of ardor, as if they were written on the fogged windows during a rainy day. The Most Spectacular Party is available digitally, on CD and on a beautiful transparent bottle-green 12″ vinyl packed in a colorful gate-fold, all artistically arranged by Margot Pandone.

Dieci anni fa oggi, The Ian Fays salivano su di un palco per la prima volta. Oggi siamo felicissimi di annunciare che la band di San Francisco celebra questo anniversario con un nuovo album dal titolo The Most Spectacular Party. Undici canzoni su cui le gemelle ELizabeth e Sara hanno lavorato negli ultimi 3 anni. Dentro The Most Spectacular Party il fragile e seducente suono twee delle Ian Fays trova un nuovo carattere: l’elettronica giocattolo e lo-fi degli esordi, quella che aveva come motto “broken casios, broken hearts”, diventa un folk-pop acustico maturo, che non ha più timore di esplorare i propri lati più cupi e profondi. Merito del collaborazione in studio di registrazione con Kendra Lynn. Al Jackpot! Recording Studio di Portland, Oregon, le canzoni delle Ian Fays, si sono arricchite di nuovi arrangiamenti, tra slide guitar, percussioni, trombe e sitar. Ma al centro restano sempre quelle voci suadenti, un sentimento che si offre sincero, spontaneo e aperto, quelle parole tristi ma al tempo stesso piene di ardore, come se fossero scritte sui vetri appannati di un giorno di pioggia. The Most Spectacular Party è disponibile in versione digitale oltre che su CD e su un bellissimo vinile verde-bottiglia trasparente, il tutto racchiuso da un bellissimo lavoro grafico opera di Margot Pandone.

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The Ian Fays – Vinyl Kickstarter


We don’t want to leak too much about it, but to support their forthcoming release of “The Most Spectacular Party”, The Ian Fays just launched a Kickstarter and you really need to check out the bundles. You don’t want to miss them!

Here’s the Kickstarter page!

Non vogliamo dare troppe anticipazioni, ma in attesa del loro nuovo “The Most Spectacular Party”, The Ian Fays hanno appena lanciato una campagna su Kickstarter e vi consigliamo di darci un’occhiata perche’ ne vale veramente la pena!

Visita il loro Kickstarter!

Our 3rd Summer

Sometimes you don’t feel old celebrating your B-day, especially if it’s your 2nd!
Happy birthday to us! And some presents for you as in our tradition! To begin our 3rd summer in the best way, we got a new video from The Ian Fays (just before their tour in South California) and an amazing all-stars cooperation for Horrible Present (find the references!).
Enjoy the videos, the summer, and that bottle that you pop for us!

uploading updates for the new year

So many news and updates that we don’t know where to start!!

-New year/new name for the once unpronounceable band known as The Calorifer is Very Hot! that shortened simply to Calorifero, ain’t it easier? Nice of them that they changed the name leaving us a great last song released by the sweet people at Lockengeloet on a pretty neato gatefold LP in good company of bands such as Television Personalities! Calorifero promises already a new EP titled Mind Warp that will be released in March. Can’t wait!

Young Wrists keep surprising the world (and us too!). The Independent wrote an article about them being one of the most blogged artists in 2010. Not bad! We suggest to check our store for their debut Wasted Youth, it might be sold out soon!

Horrible Present finally decided to give himself  to the audience with his very first live performance! You better check out the dates because we’re sure concerts will be rare and special. And if it’s a while to the next one you can entertain youself reading his first interview by La Belle Epop.

Still Flyin’ are going to release a new “album” or compilation titled  Neu Ideas via Ernest Jenning Record co. Ideas that, for this band that we love, never end. We look forward to receive more news from them, and even better we expect them to come on tour soon! Check their page that I didn’t link because it’s just great:

-The European cuteness invasion by The Ian Fays finished last week after the three weeks tour presenting their new album Jensen’s Camera. If you hadn’t had the chance (sorry dude!) to see them live, you can still enjoy the amazing pictures taken by Elena Morelli for Rollingstone and read a concert review by Federico Pirozzi.

The Ian Fays – Jensen’s Camera

Everyday (.mp3 6.30Mb)

Everyday by headphonesman
press release: ITA / ENG

Le sorelle gemelle Lizz e Sara Fay, chitarrista la prima, bassista la seconda ed entrambe cantanti, provengono dalla contea di Arcata, California e ora vivono a San Francisco.
Ispirate dalla scena indie-folk e lo-fi femminile (Azure Ray e Mirah), dagli sperimentalismi synth-pop dei Magnetic Fields, e con una passione per il cantautorato classico a stelle e strisce (da Dylan a Elliot Smith), iniziano a scrivere canzoni assieme, mescolando voci delicate, chitarre acustiche, basi elettroniche e tastiere giocattolo Casio ritrovate in soffitta.
Il loro amore per l’Italia è di vecchia data: l’album di debutto delle Ian Fays infatti uscì per la storica Homesleep nel 2005. Ora ritornano con questo Jensen’s Camera, lavoro registrato in gran parte all’Us Random Calculator Studio di Ghedi (Brescia) da Alessandro Paderno dei Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, mentre il resto delle canzoni proviene dalle session realizzate insieme a Eli Crews (già collaboratore di Deerhoof e Why?).
Il nuovo album gioca con i suoni e gli strumenti tipici della band (le armonie vocali, la fusione di elementi acustici con synth e drum machine), ma durante la produzione si è deciso di privilegiare l’eterogeneità delle canzoni, composte in periodi e luoghi molto differenti.
Alcune erano già in valigia dall’America, altre sono nate proprio in Italia, grazie all’ispirazione di una casa magica in mezzo alla pianura che le ha ospitate per diverse settimane all’inizio dell’estate.

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  There are some bands that constantly mold their styles to follow the scene. There are other bands that play because of their blood, because it’s an instinct and don’t care about the scene outside. The Ian Fays are the second type of band. The twins Elizabeth and Sara Fay, Californian girls now settled in San Francisco, grew up among instruments of every kind. These instruments, mixed with their fraternal connection, create their unique sound, which could suit the indie folk or the female lo-fi scene led by Azure Ray and Mirah. From the experimental synth-pop typical of the Magnetic Fields and a glimpse of classic folksingers such as Dylan and Elliot Smith, The Ian Fays compose their songs mixing whispering voices, acoustic guitars, electronic beats and random Casio keyboards found in some attic.
Their love for Italy is as long as the band’s career, as their debut album was released in 2005 by the unforgettable Homesleep. Now they’re back with this new full length entitled “Jensen’s Camera”, mostly recorded in Italy at “Us Random Calculator Studio” in Ghedi-Brescia, from Alessandro Paderno (Le Man Avec Les Lunettes), with the addition of some songs recorded at “New, Improved Studio” in Oakland, Ca by Eli Crews (at the same desk Deerhoof, Why?, and Kyp Malone recorded at).
The new album twiddles around the band’s usual sounds and instruments (vocal harmonies, acoustic instruments melting with synths and drum machines), but the production’s goal has been to emphasise the heterogeneity of the songs, composed in different places at different times, encompassing different feelings and styles. Some were already in their backpack before leaving the US, while others sprung up magically in the house that hosted them in Italy this past summer.

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Never boring Xmas

Wishing you the best of the best, we take the chance to make you some presents!

The first comes from the Ian Fays’ cozy Christmas Eve’s after-dinner. The girls sent us this video just before packing their instruments and head towards Europe for the new album’s tour. Jensen’s Camera will be released January 3rd and you should definitely check out the dates!

Our second present is called Special “Relax and Listen” Offer, aka you recover from your lunches-dinners-family meetings and decide to buy some music and we’ll send you an album for free!!! Double joy!! Hurry up because we’ll have this offer untill December 31st as we are on holyday and we can pack huge quantities of mails!

Enjoy your holydays!