Halfalib first single and vinyl pre-order

Halfalib is somewhat a mysterious presence who is unveiling little by little his musical existence. So far we know they’ll be at SXSW 2017 in Austin next March, and we can hear the band’s first single Arythmie Du Soleil, “a perfectly mellow single” described by For the Rabbits as “light jazzy percussion, unnerving electronics and warm, woozy saxophones [that] seem to wash in and out of earshot, as the vocal and the omnipresent piano, pick out a wistful melody. There’s a touch of Lionlimb or Chris Cohen in this articulate take on beautiful hazy-pop music.” We heard that the debut album, Malamocco, will be out on February 24th, and now we know as well that the record will be released on a very limited edition of 100 copies pressed on milky clear transparent vinyl! And guess what? Those 100 copies are now available for pre-order from our European and US bandcamp stores. I foresee a sell-out in 5…4…



BURNT PALMS – WWNB3 Live Session at SXSW

From the California coastal town of Seaside, all the way to Austin via SXSW, the three live videos brought to you today by WWNB3 feature Burnt Palms during a show at the Texas festival in March 2016. The band was a guest at the Carpark Records Showcase at Swan Dive–and anyone who was there can guarantee you it was a memorable night! The videos were filmed and edited by Yr First Crush and the audio was mixed by Alessandro Paderno. Courtesy of SXSW, Yr First Crush, Carpark Records, Swan Dive, and most importantly, Burnt Palms. Enjoy!

or go to the “BURNT PALMS WWNB3” vimeo album

WWNBB x SXSW – news, video, shows

We are extremely excited to be once again in Austin, TX, for SXSW 2016! To make this year special to us are the 4 WWNBB’s bands performing at the festival: from BIRTHH‘s (world) live debut, to the return of Brothers in Law 3 years later, with our California own Burnt Palms and Crescendo both here for their first time, you have plenty of chances to see them live and stop by to say hi!

3/16 Austin, TX – The Italy at SXSW party @ Numero 28 3:40 pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Romantic Rock @ The Eastern 2:40 pm
3/19 Austin, TX – SXSW Free Spotlight showcase @ The Townsend 9pm

Brothers in Law
3/16 Austin, TX – Austin Tawn Hall show @ Spider House –  2:30pm
3/16 Austin, TX – The Italy at SXSW party @ Numero 28 4:30 DJset
3/16 Austin, TX – SXSW International Shoegaze @ Tellers 8pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Onward Indian show @ Spider House –12:30pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Music For Listeners @ El Sapo 3:00pm

Burnt Palms
3/17 Austin, TX – SXSW Carpark Records showcase @ Swan Dive 8pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Romantic Rock @ The Eastern 4:40 pm

3/16 Austin, TX – SXSW International Shoegaze @ Tellers 9pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Music For Listeners @ El Sapo 2:00pm
3/20 Austin, TX – Dojo Zine showcase @ The Longbranch Inn 12:45pm

As if this weren’t enough, there are 2 new videos that just dropped last week premiered by Impose: in Brothers in Law’s Oh, Sweet Song, filmed by Lorenzo Musto, “the chords and keyboard hooks ascend to celestial heights, while Musto exhibits feelings of euphoria and elation that are executed in the most minimalist, yet effective assembly of interpretive presentation.”

Burnt Palms’s frontwoman Riley’s video for Over “illustrates the local splendors seen from coastal windows to the sea, shore-side vegetation, the windy two-lane twists & turns of Highway 1 and more that is something of a living postcard for the 831 area code.”

And if you want more, here are the US tour dates for the 4 bands in case you prefer to avoid Red River and 6th this week and hope in a more intimate show…



OUT NOW! Brothers in Law – Raise

Brothers in Law - Raise - cover WEB

 “When you realize that time is slipping away fast, and you have no emergency brake you can pull…then you understand that everything you do with passion has its place and is part of a path”. This is the way Brothers in Law describes the project they’ve been working on for the two years since their debut Hard Times for Dreamers—a phenomenal debut that brought them into the international indie scene, including the participation at SXSW in Austin, TX. Raise is a new chapter for the four-piece from Pesaro, Italy, and it’s not a coincidence that the title implies a “lift”, something that goes up and into the light. Eight new songs that “feel the need to go beyond that attitude of bleak despair that had inspired much of our first album. We wanted to make room for a more aware approach and attitude, as we’ve learned to accept that we have grown. We, in a way, began to understand that life is difficult, but we are the ones who can try to improve it”. This approach penetrated into the writing and music of “Raise”, resulting in a fuller sound rich with nuances and rounder arrangements, thanks as well to the addition of the bass. The ballads characterize the tracklist and the structure of the songs is more profound and mature. “Try to imagine an album as if it were a hotel where different souls were staying. All of them have something to say: some whisper, some scream notes they can hardly control. On the other hand, each song has its own life and something to tell…and we had to listen because each emerged from an urge, a necessary impulse from inside of us.” Raise, in summary, is all of this: an album that shows you upfront its’ sincere face. Raise is available on 12″ vinyl, CD and digital: you can order it from our store or catch the band on tour and get your copy straight from them!

Buy the album [EU]

Buy the album [US]

 «Quando senti che tutto questo tempo sta scivolando velocemente, e non hai freni da poter tirare, allora capisci che tutto ciò che fai con amore ha la sua importanza, ed è parte di un percorso». I Brothers In Law cominciano a raccontare così gli oltre due anni passati da Hard Times For Dreamers, il fenomenale album di debutto che li portò all’attenzione della scena indipendente non solo nazionale, grazie a un lungo tour in Europa e negli Stati Uniti, culminato con la partecipazione al SXSW festival di Austin, Texas. Raise è un capitolo nuovo per il trio pesarese. Non a caso, il titolo allude al concetto di “risollevare”, qualcosa che sale verso la luce. L’album racchiude otto nuove canzoni che «sentono il bisogno di andare oltre quell’atteggiamento di desolato sconforto che aveva ispirato buona parte del nostro primo album. Vogliamo lasciare spazio a un’attitudine più consapevole, abbiamo imparato ad accettare che siamo cresciuti. In fondo, è come se volessimo capire che la vita è difficile, ma soltanto noi possiamo provare a renderla migliore». Tutto questo, in qualche modo, è filtrato nella scrittura e nei suoni di Raise. Una musica più ricca, carica di sfumature grazie all’aggiunta stabile del basso in formazione, e di arrangiamenti più rotondi. In scaletta prevalgono le ballate, e la struttura delle canzoni si è fatta più profonda, matura. «Puoi immaginare un disco come un hotel dove “alloggiano” diverse anime. Tutte hanno qualcosa da dire, alcune sussurrano, altre urlano su tappeti di note e voci che puoi difficilmente controllare. Allo stesso modo ogni canzone ha una sua vita, qualcosa che deve raccontare, e devi accettarla perché sai fin dentro le ossa che è figlia della necessità». Raise vuole essere questo, un disco di cui riconosci subito la faccia sincera. Raise è disponibile in vinile, CD e digitale attraverso il nostro store, oppure direttamente ai concerti dalle loro stesse mani!

Buy the album [EU]

Buy the album [US]

Brothers in Law – Raise Tour 2016

29/January/2016 @ Stazione Gaus – Pesaro [Italy]

30/January/2016 @ Bronson – Ravenna [Italy]

05/February/2016 @ Tender – Firenze [Italy]

12/February/2016 @ Lanificio – Napoli [Italy]

18/February/2016 @ Gala Cafè – Martinsicuro, TE [Italy]

19/February/2016 @ Laboratorio Urbano Mat – Terlizzi, BA [Italy]

20/February/2016 @ Arci Rubik – Guagnano, LE [Italy]

25/February/2016 @ I Candelai – Palermo [Italy]

26/February/2016 @ TBA – Catania [Italy]

27/February/2016 @ Retronouveau – Messina [Italy]

04/March/2016 @ Astro Club – Fontanafredda, PN [Italy]

05/March/2016 @ Arci Ohibò – Milano [Italy]

09/March/2016 @ Harvard & Stone – Los Angeles, CA [US] *

10/March/2016 @ Rip’s – Phoenix, AZ [US] *

11/March/2016 @ The Lowbrow Palace – El Paso, TX [US] *

12/March/2016 @ The Garage – Fort Stockton, TX [US] *

13/March/2016 @ 35 Denton Festival – Denton, TX  [US] *

14/March/2016 @ Super Happy Fun Land – Austin, TX [US] *

15/March/2016 @ SX Foreplay – Dallas, TX [US] *

15-20/March/2016 @ SXSW – Austin, TX [US] *

18/March/2016 @ El Sapo (MFL) – Austin, TX [US] *

20/March/2016 @ City Tavern Downtown – Dallas, TX [US] *

23/March/2016 @ Diabolical – Salt Lake City, UT [US]

23-27/March/2016 @ Treefort Music Fest – Boise, ID [US] *

26/March/2016 @ Barboza – Seattle, WA [US] *

31/March/2016 @ Dreamgaze Festival (day 1 at The Smell) – Los Angeles, CA [US] *

7/April/2016 @ Monk – Roma [Italy]

9/April/2016 @ Astoria – Torino [Italy]

18/April/2016 @ Schokoladen – Berlin [Germany]

22/April/2016 @ Espace B – Paris [France]

24/April/2016 @ Shacklewell Arms – London [UK]

*= with Crescendo




2016 is set to be a busy year for WWNBB, and we are excited to bring you some news with both pride and trepidation.

SXSW takes over Austin next year on March 15-20. Today the lineup of participating artists has been announced, and among them are three WWNBB’s bands: the debuting BIRTHH, Crescendo and Brothers in Law. Brothers in Law will release their new album Raise on Jan 29th. If you pre-order the album (EU/US) now, you’ll get the single “Middle of Nowwhere” instantly. And if you hurry you can also pre-order one of the few remaining limited edition transparent and white marble vinyl here (EU/US). Crescendo has just released their new single “Repulsor” via Consequence of Sound. You can pre-order their new album Unless here (EU/US), it’s going to be an amazing blue, red and gold heavy splatter on transparent white vinyl. As for BIRTHH… we will let you know more soon!

And as already announced, Be Forest are set to embark on a European tour in January 2016. Among their shows (dates below) they will perform on the prestigious Eurosonic stage in Groningen, NL!

11.01.16 Nancy @ Machine à Vapeur – France
12.01.16 Paris @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire – France
13.01.16 Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wellen – Luxembourg
14.01.16 Groningen @ ESNS – Netherlands
15.01.16 Hamburg @ Astrastube – Germany
16.01.16 Göttingen @ Nörgelbuff – Germany
18.01.16 Berlin @ Schokoladen – Germany
19.01.16 Dresden @ Ostpol – Germany

be forest esns16

be forest esns16

WWNBB Night in San Francisco and Be Forest Tour

We are happy to announce our first WWNBB night in San Francisco, CA, on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern. The WWNBB night will coincide with Be Forest‘s kick-off of their 2nd US tour (dates below).  The line-up for the night will include Bay Area jammers Still Flyin’, and the beach garage of Burnt Palms! For the occasion we are offering a “plus 1” deal to the first 10 people buying tickets: you buy a ticket, and you get an extra one for a friend! But don’t worry if you miss this chance, for the first 30 people arriving at the show we are giving away music from our catalog, for free! You have no excuses now! Buy here your ticket for the WWNBB night on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern:


Be Forest US tour

05-03-2015 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (USA) – The Hemlock (w/Still Flyin’+Burnt Palms)

08-03-2015 LOS ANGELES, CA (USA) – The Echo (w/Vaniish+Intimatchine)

09-03-2015 SAN DIEGO, CA (USA) – The Hideout (w/Tennis System)

10-03-2015 PHOENIX, AZ (USA) – Obscura

12-03-2015 EL PASO, TX (USA) – Lowbrow Palace

15-03-2015 DENTON, TX (USA) – Dan Silverleaf – 35 Denton (9:45 pm)

18-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW Official Show @ Valhalla (12:00 am)

19-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ KVRX unofficial show

20-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ Music for Listeners (01:00 pm)

SXSW and US shows


*poster by Theo Van der Veer

Dear friends walking US’ soil,

if you happen to live nearby one of the venues or cities listed below, or if you own a private jet, but even better if you like to ride your bike to see the best shows around, take a look at the tour dates of our bands and come say hi! And when we say “come say Hi!” we mean it! Especially if it’s late and we’ve had a good night…you might risk to get free copies of our albums at the merchandise table!

Yours truly,

Brothers in Law
03.09.13 New York @ Bar East
03.10.13 New York @ Death by Audio w/Juan Wauters, Horrible Present, Missing Documents
03.14.12 Austin, TX @ SXSW – official showcase @ BD Riley’s 204 E 6th St – 8:00PM – 8:40PM
03.15.12 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Music For Listeners w/Girls Names, Gold Bear …

His Clancyness
03.09.13 Manhattan, NY @ Cake Shop
03.10.13 Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands Gallery w/ Lodro, Tweens
03.13.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Axis Family Affair @ Club 1808 (11pm)
03.14.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Music For Listeners showcase @ Flat Shop Burger (2pm) w/ Fear Of Men
03.15.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Ground Control Touring showcase @ Beerland (12,30pm) w/ Merchandise, Beach Fossils, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks etc.
03.16.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – official showcase @ Esther’s Follies (11pm)

Horrible Present
03.10.13 New York @ Death by Audio w/Juan Wauters, Brothers in Law, Missing Documents
17.03.13 New York @ PETE’S CANDY STORE


“It’s a Slow Dance to the top!”

Slow Dance racconta storie attraverso brevi film.

Qualche mese fa ci è capitato di incontrare tre ragazzi, ci hanno raccontato di come da anni portino avanti la loro musica, all’inizio in band diverse, poi finalmente assieme come era giusto accadesse.
Ci hanno parlato di come quello che fanno sia per loro un impegno dal quale non possono e non vogliono sottrarsi.
Nel loro movimento ci siamo ritrovati anche noi di Slow Dance, che allo stesso modo abbiamo accumulato varie esperienze in diversi porti, per poi decidere di imbarcarci insieme nell’avventura di produzioni come questa: belle storie da trovare, filmare e raccontare, con il nostro ritmo e a parole nostre.
Siamo convinti che non ci sia mai un solo modo giusto di proporre quello che vediamo e che ci piace, per questo i nostri interventi possono cambiare completamente a seconda della storia che abbiamo per le mani in quel momento, e delle persone che ne fanno parte.

In questo caso in particolare siamo entusiasti di poter supportare un gruppo come i Brothers in Law: la loro musica è stata la colonna sonora di una delle nostre prime esplorazioni a largo, un ricordo per nulla remoto di come ci piaccia stare a galla insieme

Supporta i Brothers in Law nella raccolta fondi per suonare al SXSW festival (Austin,USA)


Slow Dance tells stories through short films.

A few months ago, we met three boys. They told us about their music, first in different bands, and the, finally, united as it feels right. They told us how what they do is a commitment for them. One they can’t and won’t escape from. We, from Slow Dance, saw ourselves in their flow. The way we gathered experience in different harbors before setting sail all together, to produce something like this: nice stories to unearth, shoot and tell, with our pace and in our own words. We believe there’s not only one way to tell what we see, to share what we like. Our interventions can utterly change with the story we are handling, with the people that make it what it is.

Here, we are thrilled to support a group like the Brothers in Law: their music was the soundtrack of one of our first journey asea, a constant reminder of how much we love drifting together.

Help them to play at SXSW Festival (Austin,USA)

WWNBB & Slow Dance are extremely thankful to: Radio Città del Capo, Margot Pandone, Giulia Mazza and la Barberia.

Brothers in Law & SXSW 2013

What can we say? We Were Never Being Boring collective is proud to announce that Brothers In Law will be part of SXSW 2013 edition! Austin will be an absolutely extraordinary adventure!
Next January WWNBB will release BIL’s first LP: we are still putting the finishing touches to the cover and the tracklist, but the songs are already here in our headquarter, and – maybe we shouldn’t say that – they are amazing! We can’t wait to export them to USA! See tour details below:

23.11.12 Bologna @ Covo w/ Wild Nothing
02.12.12 Padova @ Looop w/Corcodiles
22.12.12 Pedemonte (VR) – Vulcanophono @ TBA
04.01.13 Camposanto @ Fermata 23 w/ His Clancyness + ED
19.01.13 Rosà, Vicenza @ Vinile
20.01.13 Ferrara @ Zuni
26.01.13 Martinsicuro (TE) @ Gala caffè
07.02.13 Ravenna @ Moog
16.02.13 Bari – Discipline/Inthepending @ TBA
22.02.13 Osimo @ Loop w/ she said destroy
23.02.12 Roma @ Fusolab 2.0
09.03.13 New York @ TBA [USA]
10.03.13 New York @ TBA [USA]
12.03.12 Austin @ SXSW [USA]
13.03.12 Austin @ SXSW [USA]
14.03.12 Austin @ SXSW [USA]
15.03.12 Austin @ SXSW [USA]
16.03.13 Austin @ SXSW [USA]
17.03.13 Austin @ SXSW [USA]

There are few copies of Gray Days (vinyl 7″ – WWNBB collective/CF-Records/Matta Lab), buy it from our STORE or via BANCAMP