Still Flyin’ release Perfect Future

Still Flyin’ are a silly, dumb blast of a bash worth attending.” – NME
WWNBB is excited to team up with Ernest Jenning Record Co. and Lost and Lonesome to announce Perfect Future, the fourth album from San Francisco’s Still Flyin‘.
Still Flyin’s Sean Rawls had a child at the end of 2012, a few months after their most recent album (On A Bedroom Wall) was released, which spelled a day job and no more world tours. In his words, “My identity as ‘dude in a band’ turned into ‘new dad who used to be in a band.'” Once an endless tinkerer who crafted songs constantly, he suddenly found himself with little time for any of that. He ended up having to carve out songwriting time between his son’s naps, and one of these short bursts of songwriting resulted in three of Perfect Future‘s tracks (“Get Out of My Car”, “Navarone” and “Tea Leaves”).
The band ended up recording in much the same way — all of the basic tracks were bashed out in three days of recording, which was much quicker than they were used to. Keeping with the general theme, the record was mixed very quickly by Phil Manley (Trans Am), and the result is raw, immediate, unedited and undeniably fun.
Perfect Future is available in Europe through our Store in a limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital.

WWNBB Night in San Francisco and Be Forest Tour

We are happy to announce our first WWNBB night in San Francisco, CA, on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern. The WWNBB night will coincide with Be Forest‘s kick-off of their 2nd US tour (dates below).  The line-up for the night will include Bay Area jammers Still Flyin’, and the beach garage of Burnt Palms! For the occasion we are offering a “plus 1” deal to the first 10 people buying tickets: you buy a ticket, and you get an extra one for a friend! But don’t worry if you miss this chance, for the first 30 people arriving at the show we are giving away music from our catalog, for free! You have no excuses now! Buy here your ticket for the WWNBB night on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern:


Be Forest US tour

05-03-2015 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (USA) – The Hemlock (w/Still Flyin’+Burnt Palms)

08-03-2015 LOS ANGELES, CA (USA) – The Echo (w/Vaniish+Intimatchine)

09-03-2015 SAN DIEGO, CA (USA) – The Hideout (w/Tennis System)

10-03-2015 PHOENIX, AZ (USA) – Obscura

12-03-2015 EL PASO, TX (USA) – Lowbrow Palace

15-03-2015 DENTON, TX (USA) – Dan Silverleaf – 35 Denton (9:45 pm)

18-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW Official Show @ Valhalla (12:00 am)

19-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ KVRX unofficial show

20-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ Music for Listeners (01:00 pm)

Congratulations Guys!

Congratulations # 1

As you can see in the pictures above Still Flyin’ just cracked the top 100 on German radio … … Awesome! Do you need another reason for run into our online store? Still Flyin’ – On a Bedroom Wall had 9 / 10 on Drowned in Sound!
You can shake their hands in the next few days, here are the details:

29.05.12 Preganziol @ Rio Selva
30.05.12 San Benedetto Del Tronto @ Viniles
01.06.12 Genova @ pista di pattinaggio del Porto Antico

Congratulations # 2

Our “Ibiza meets Po Valley” heroes Welcome Back Sailors featured Go Dugong for a song called “White Sun” … do not miss it!

OUT NOW! Still Flyin’ – On A Bedroom Wall

Travelin’ Man by Still Flyin’

Siamo super felici di presentare il nuovo album dei nostri beniamini californiani (un po’ sparsi per il mondo a dire il vero..) che tanto ci fanno ballare. Si chiama On A Bedroom Wall il nuovo lavoro del collettivo Still Flyin’ capitanato da Sean Rawls ma che sprigiona inevitabilmente la forza del gruppo in questo bellissimo disco. Le tracce si susseguono in un vortice di nostalgie anni ’80 con la consapevolezza che quella spensieratezza sta trasformandosi in un percorso difficile da accettare ma anche difficile da sfuggire. Le melodie synth-pop con cui sarebbe stato bello diventare grandi sono finalmente tutte racchiuse in On A Bedroom Wall, un mix perfetto da ascoltare a ripetizione e niente meno che in vinile!

Registrato da Haima Marriott (Architecture in Helsinki)
Mixato da Wyatt Cusick (Love is All)
Masterizzato da Scott Hull (Springsteen, Bowie, etc.)

compra il vinile

We are super excited to release Still Flyin‘s new album On A Bedroom Wall! Our favorite Californians (a little all over the world to tell the truth ..) that make us dance the most. On A Bedroom Wall is the sophomore full lenght by the collective captained by Sean Rawls and made perfect with the power of the all band. The tracks follow each other in a swirl of 80s nostalgia with the knowledge that this carelessness is changing into a path difficult to accept but also hard to avoid. The synth-pop melodies with which it would be nice to grow up with, all finally enclosed in On A Bedroom Wall, a terrific record to listen to repeatedly and nothing less than on vinyl!

Recorded by Haima Marriott (Architecture in Helsinki)
Mixed by Wyatt Cusick (Love is All)
Mastered by Scott Hull (Springsteen, Bowie, etc..)

buy the vinyl

New Video & Tour for Still Flyin’

Still Flyin’ just sent us the video for Spirits, the second single from On A Bedroom Wall out on May 21st.

Enjoy the clip and look for your chance to join the party bus!

18.05.12 Liverpool @ Liverpool Soundcity Festival | UK
19.05.12 Glasgow @ Stag & Dagger Festival | UK
20.05.12 Hull @ The Adelphi | UK
21.05.12 London @ The Lexington | UK
24.05.12 Innsbruck @ PMK | AT
25.05.12 Vienna @ Chaya Fuera | AT
26.05.12 Kleinreifling @ Seewiesenfestival | AT
28.05.12 Munich @ Theatron Festival | DE
29.05.12 Preganziol @ Rio Selva | IT
30.05.12 San Bendetto Del Tronto @ Viniles | IT
02.06.12 Cologne @ Werkstatt | DE
03.06.12 Leipzig @ Centraltheater | DE
04.06.12 Berlin @ Astra Kulturhaus | DE
05.06.12 Hamburg @ Uebel & Gefaehrlich | DE
06.06.12 Amsterdam @ Paradiso | NL

OUT NOW! Still Flyin’ – Travelin’ Man

Finalmente arriva da San Francisco il primo supporto fisico che precede l’uscita di On A Bedroom Wall, secondo album degli Still Flyin’. Si chiama Travelin’ Man ed e’ un bellissimo vinile 7 pollici (viola/trasparente). Suoni e storie che riportano agli anni ’80 con quella spensierata malinconia che ti fa venire i brividi.

Registrato e mixato da Haima Marriott (Architecture In Helsinki)

Lato A – Travelin’ Man
Lato B – Plastic Heart

 compra il vinile

Finally! We have received (and we are proud to release!) the first single that anticipates Still Flyin’ sophomore album, On A Bedroom Wall. It’s called Travelin’ Man and it comes on a beautiful transparent purple 7″ vinyl. Sounds and stories able to bring you back to the 80s, with that carefree melancholy Still Flyin’ is known for.

Recorded and mixed by Haima Marriott (Architecture In Helsinki)

Side A – Travelin’ Man
Side B – Plastic Heart

buy the vinyl

Still Flyin’ announce new album – Cleat Talking free download

San Francisco’s Still Flyin’, a.k.a. our all times favorite party crew is giving us a sneak peak of the latest full-length “On a Bedroom Wall”.

First single Cleat Talking provides the perfect first taste. Built around a repetitive, rhythmic backbone, and with layers of free percussion and summery marimbas, Still Flyin’ restate their life-affirming hammjamm credo, letting us know that you don’t gotta be no super brain to have a good time — just grab some pals, some brews and a pair of cleats, and you’re all set! A perfect predecessor to the band’s forthcoming album, On A Bedroom Wall, due out on on May 21st.

The album was recorded by Haima Marriott (Architecture in Helsinki), mixed by Wyatt Cusick (Love is All) and mastered by Scott Hull. On A Bedroom Wall’s release will team up WWNBB collective, Higline Records (UK), Lost & Lonesome (AU), Staatsakt (GER) and Ernest Jenning (US).

Now listen, download, and go out for a run with this song in your ears! You gotta get ready to wear those cleats!

Cleat Talking by Still Flyin’


We know you were confused…

That’s why Still Flyin’ came up with a brilliant competition:

“What makes YOUR cleats talk?  What causes you to do excessive celebrations?  Send us a drawing/tattoo/video/feature-length movie of you doing some choice moves and choice celebrations and be the winner of a pair of custom-made Still Flyin’ CLEATS!”

All the info to win the custom-made cleats and tons of other prizes on the band’s website and facebook.