Streaming – Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Make it Happen

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - 2014

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – 2014

It’s been a long time waiting, but finally after 3 years since the release of that pearl that is Sparkles, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes‘ fans can rejoice as on March 10 the band will release their new album: Make It Happen. This new work is the result of years on the road and at the recording studio, in the specific at Red Carpet Studio, where Lorenzo Caperchi has been in charge of the production of the album together with the band. The final work has been then mixed by the same Caperchi and mastered by Nils Frahm.

You can stream Make It Happen now, in its entirety, via Impose and Rockit.

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Le Man Avec Les Lunettes’ “Fall on the Snow” & tour

Check out the brand new video for Le Man Avec Les Lunettes’ “Fall on the Snow” by ADAPT[-T][+D] collective.

See Le Man Avec Les Lunettes live in Europe in the next few days! Below all the dates!

31.03.12 Studio 2 @ Vigonovo (VE)
01.04.12 Udine @ Cas*aupa
02.04.12 Mostar @ Abrasevic
03.04.12 Sarajevo @ Kriterion
04.04.12 Kraljevo @ Evergreen
05.04.12 Belgrado @ KC grad
06.04.12 Novi Sad @ Crna Kuca
07.04.12 Prijedor @ Ljetna Basta

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Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Fall on the Snow

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes are giving away the first single from their brillant EP “Sparkles” absolutely FREE. Together with a live version of “Fall on the Snow” the band pays homage to WWNBB’s label-mates Calorifero.
“Skipping Brain” is included in “Eyes Attack” (green 7″ vinyl). Go here to download it.
Check out below the amazing live video for “Fall on the Snow”, filmed by Giovanni Rainoldi during Hang the electric guitar @ Arci Scighera, Milan.

Here’s the tracklist

01. Fall on the Snow
02. Skipping Brain (Calorifero cover)
03. Fall on the Snow – live @ Hang the electric guitar

“Fall on the Snow” produced by Le Man Avec Les Lunettes / Recorded at Us Random Calculator by Alessandro Paderno & Fabio Benni
Mixed at Kitchen Studio by Lorenzo Caperchi / Mastered at Bluefemme by Marco Franzoni

“Skipping Brain” (Calorifero cover) recorded & mixed at Us Random Calculator, cello recorded by Lorenzo Caperchi at Daniela’s lake house, Mastered at Bluefemme by Marco Franzoni

“Fall on the Snow – live @ Hang the electric guitar” / sounds by Marco Franzoni, mix & master by Marco Franzoni

Picture by Laurence

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Sparkles

Sparkles: una cosa preziosa che scintilla. Come l’istantanea del getto che si sprigiona da un geyser mentre il sole sta per spuntare all’orizzonte. Come un tramonto visto da Big Sur nell’istante in cui la macchina si spegne, proprio alla fine della strada. Come le melodie e gli arrangiamenti di queste quattro nuove canzoni dei Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. La quieta confidenza dei pizzicati con un pizzico di nostalgia, la stessa che ti riporta a casa dopo un giro per il mondo in mongolfiera. Dall’alto puoi segnare il confine dei boschi che proteggono questo gioiello. Una band di Brescia, un nome d’oltralpe, una voce che canta in inglese, una tournée tra Svezia e Danimarca. Si respirano a pieni polmoni l’amore e la forza degli Anni Sessanta, dove tutto ciò che era possibile era a portata di sogno. Le armonie, gli intrecci, la carezza degli archi, i pianoforti delicati e la brezza tra le corde delle chitarre restituiscono quell’atmosfera retro in cui Sparkles è stato pensato, scritto e registrato. Tutti i ritratti dentro le cornici appoggiate nei ripiani della vetrinetta sorridevano. La sensazione che ogni momento, filtrato dalle lenti di questi Lunettes, sia unico. È questa band stessa a scintillare preziosa nel pop moderno.

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 Sparkles: a precious shiny thing . A snapshot of the jet that sprays from a geyser while the sun is about to break on the horizon. Like a sunset in Big Sur while the car stops, just at the end of the road. Like the melodies and the arrangements of these four new songs from Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. Their comfortable notes with a hint of nostalgia, the same that takes you back home after an airship trip around the world. From above you can mark the boundaries of the forests that protect this jewel. A band from Brescia (Italy), an exotic name, lyrics in english, tours in Sweden and Denmark and all around. You can breathe all the love and enthusiasm of the Sixties, when all that was possible just like living in a dream. The harmonies, the poetry of the strings, the gentle breeze of the guitars and the kiss of the keys, bring you back to that atmosphere in which Sparkles was thought, written and recorded. The feeling that every moment, filtered by the lenses of these Lunettes, must be unique. Because it’s the band itself a precious sparkle in modern pop.

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Sparkles on tour

And off they go, starting from the nord, with Sparkles in their pockets, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes are flying around with their new tunes! Look for the gig closer to your place and purchase your copy if you haven’t done it yet!

05.05.11 Copenaghen @ Hulen | DK
06.05.11 Oslo @ Gloria Flames | NOR
28.05.11 San Martino Spino @ Musica nelle Valli | ITA
04.06.11 Gradara @ Private Party | ITA
10.07.11 Bagnolo (BS) @ Low Rock Festival | ITA
05.08.11 Montichiari (BS) @ Galeter | ITA
24.09.11 Parma @ Giovane Italia | ITA

Lunettes for (pre)sale

We are extremely excited to announce that finally this long expected band is finally on WWNBB!! Le Man Avec Les Lunettes are here to share their new release Sparkles, coming out in May and waited for months. What is even cooler is that together with the pre-order of Sparkles, you can purchase in special offer the two previous albums of the band: ? and Plaskaplaskabombelibom. Check it out and choose your option!

title: sparkles
band: le man avec les lunettes / website / fb
format: cd
limited edition: 500 copies

Crawling down the stairs 2.32
Fall on the Snow 2.27
Often Times 3.59
Notes (are filling you with kindness) 4.25 

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