My bubba & Mi – Wild & You

Come possiamo ancora essere innamorati di My bubba & Mi? Provate ad ascoltare Wild & You… e’ come innamorarsi per la prima volta. Rigirarsi sotto le lenzuola ascoltando Nothing Much mentre non si riesce a prendere sonno, risvegliarsi malinconici con Oh Kiss No e riprendere coraggio in serata perche’ c’e’ sempre un momento Wild & You prima di addormentarsi coccolati da quella meravigliosa ninna-nanna che e’ Good Night Heart. E sognare. E Through & Through e’ il piu’ bel sogno tu possa sognare. Queste canzoni, nate la scorsa primavera, maturate durante i tour estivi, diventano frutto in questo bellissimo EP che non riusciamo a togliere dallo stereo, perche’ ne avremo bisogno durante l’inverno.

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How can we still be in love with My bubba & Mi? Try to listen to Wild & You…it’s like falling in love for the first time. Struggling to fall asleep while listening to Nothing Much, waking up with that melancholic feeling like Oh Kiss No and getting back on your feet because in the evening there is always a Wild & You moment before going to bed snuggled by that marvelous lullaby called Good Night Heart. And dream. And Through & Through is the best dream you could ever have. These songs were born in the spring, ripened during the band’s summer tours, and become this fruity EP that we can’t stop listening. Because we will need them during the winter.

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WILD & YOU – My bubba Mi


The juicy new EP by My bubba & Mi, ‘Wild & You’, holds 5 new tunes in a shimmering flower sleeve. These tickling, silky like songs were born in spring days of longing, and became fully grown in a dense fruitful garden while rehearsing for a tour with the Tangarine Twins early this summer. Recording them shortly thereafter, here is now a lovely little jewel to savor and sip, right on time for cold dark fall.
‘Wild & You’ will be released on Oct. 7 and introduced by a historic video for single ‘Through & Through’. But first a warm welcoming tour in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy in September, italian tour (FB event) details below:

DOM 25.09.11 Ferrara @ Zuni
LUN 26.09.11 Bologna @ Spazio Elastico
MAR 27.09.11 Recanati @ Piazza Leopardi
MER 28.09.11 Brescia @ Enosteria FB event
VEN 30.09.11 Padova @ La Mela di Newton
SAB 01.10.11 Fidenza – WWNBB NIGHT @ Arci Taun w/Le Man Avec Les Lunettes FB event
DOM 02.10.11 Tolentino @ Caffè Letterario

My bubba & Mi – Bob

Siamo veramente felici di annunciare dopo oltre un anno dall’uscita per WWNBB di “How it’s done in Italy“, il nuovo singolo che le dolci My bubba & Mi ci portano dal nord. Questa la loro presentazione: “Bob, Il nostro nuovo singolo contiene due canzoni – la prima è un lento inno al genere maschile, esaltandone la grandezza attraverso le storie di barbecue-Bob, Cinnamon Sam e Crocodile Dundee. La seconda traccia è una canzone che abbiamo suonato insieme dal 1 ° giorno, ma che è stata scritta nel 1975 dal primo amante della madre dell’ex marito della moglie di mio padre, Bob Dylan. Godetevi il tutto con un sacco di mais, anguria e salsa barbecue, una bibita allo zenzero (a trovarla!) e un buon compagno/a.”

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We’re very happy to announce, after more than a year from WWNBB’s release of “How it’s done in Italy“, the new single-cd that the sweet My bubba & Mi bring us from the great north! Here’s their introduction to Bob: “Our new single contains two songs – the first is a slow moaning ode to men, explaining their greatness through the stories of BBQ Bob, Cinnamon Sam and Crocodile Dundee, and the second is the long awaited release of a song we’ve played together from day 1, but that was written in 1975 by My’s father’s wife’s ex-husband’s mother’s previous lover; Bob Dylan. Enjoy it with lots of corn, watermelon and BBQ sauce, some ginger ale and a good companion

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Hot news

Be Forest is a band that we love. Because of their music. And because they are so nicely naive. So even if we were not expecting this honor, we are proud to post on our website their new video for Florence (Irnc) filmed by Lorenzo Musto and magically appeared on the web unexpectedly! Enjoy the video and cheer for them as they will be awarded as “BEST BAND” (under 25) during the next MEI festival, in September. Way to go!

Florence (lrnc) Be Forest from lorenzo musto on Vimeo.

-If you haven’t seen My bubba & Mi performing live you better hurry because you might like it and decide to follow them forever! Now they also have a van, who knows…they might even give you a ride! Check their tour (soon getting to Italy) and make yours one of their new cd single “Bob”, out on July 15th!

– A big HI 5 to A Classic Education that don’t stop surprising everybody this year! After European and US tours and festivals (such as Primavera Sound!) they just spent a weekend opening for bands as Mogwai and Arcade Fire. While we wait for their “Hey There Stranger” (with exclusive remixes) that you can pre-order here at a very convenient price, they sent us this amazing memory… Go guys!

My bubba & Mi introduce you to: BOB

Our new single contains two songs – the first is a slow moaning ode to men, explaining their greatness through the stories of BBQ Bob, Cinnamon Sam and Crocodile Dundee, and the second is the long awaited release of a song we’ve played together from day 1, but that was written in 1975 by My’s father’s wife’s exhusband’s mother’s previous lover; Bob Dylan. Enjoy it with lots of corn, watermelon and BBQ sauce, some ginger ale and a good companion

title: bob
band: My bubba & Mi / website / fb
format: cd*
release date: July 15th 2011


* first pressing of cd’s comes with a special handmade cover so the first to buy, will be sure they get the special ones
** original title: you’re gonna make me lonesome when you go, written by Bob Dylan

A coach for My bubba & Mi

Our Scandinavian female trio My bubba & Mi will embark on an extensive tour through the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in June and July. One small problem: they no longer have their old and trusted tourbus at their disposal. The band therefore calls upon their fans. Through crowdfunding website PledgeMusic fans can make a donation for a new bus. In return, My bubba & Mi have come up with some extraordinary rewards.

The ladies of My bubba & Mi, hailing from Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, played over sixty shows in ten different countries in 2010. Their tourbus became their home away from home. “Once upon a time we had a car – it even came with an Italian driver! In this car we drove, worked, slept, ate, wrote songs, knitted, did our laundry, hung our panties to dry, and all the other things one needs to do on tour in a car”, they told us. According to the girls, the bus and it’s driver recently vanished in Lago di Garda, although local officials can’t seem to shed any light on this mystery. Seeing as there are already fifty shows planned in 2011 for West-Europe, the band uses PledgeMusic to call upon their fans.

Here’s how the girls break it down:

PledgeMusic is an online Fan-funded music platform utilising a Threshold Pledge System, that facilitates musicians reaching out to their fan-base to financially contribute to upcoming musical projects. In exchange for financial support, My bubba & Mi provide some nice rewards. Generous givers can choose, amongst other things, between hand knitted panties or an intimate dinner with all three band members. If one chooses ‘The personal reward’, Bubba’s grandmother will let you in on her secret pancake recipe. Other rewards include CD’s, vinyl and the new single ‘Bob We Love You’.

A full overview of the rewards and more information about the project can be found at PledgeMusic.

Tour dates June / July
18 June – Horns Erben – Leipzig (DE)
19 June – Sommerfest – Gaildorf (DE)
21 June – Haldern Pop Bar – Haldern (DE)
22 June – Rosenkeller – Jena (DE)
24 June – Volksbad – Flensburg (DE)
26 June – Astra Stude – Hamburg (DE)
27 June – White Trash – Berlin (DE)
28 June – Waschaus – Potsdam (DE)
29 June – Live In The Living – Berlin (DE)
30 June – Hafen2 – Offenbach (DE)
01 July – Altes Wasserwerk – Lörrach (DE)
06 July – Café Galao – Stuttgart (DE)
07 July – E-Werk – Erlangen (DE)
08 July – Café Nun – Karlsruhe (DE)
21 July – La Catrina – Zürich (CH)
23 July – Giovane Italia – Parma (ITA)

monday morning update

It’s a mild Monday morning in November, the perfect warmth mood that accompanies this video just made by the nice people at CAKEBYCAKE for Horrible Present’s “everything’s already done”.

Last week we released A Party in Motion, the new EP from Still Flyin’. Rolling Stone celebrates this first collaboration between Moshi Moshi and WWNBB with a streaming here!  To buy your own precious copy go to our shop!

My bubba & Mi still touring the world with their album “How it’s done in Italy”, were in UK last week for some amazing (we’ve heard) shows. The friends at Balcony TV didn’t miss the chance and with Amy’s beautiful accent invited them on the balcony up at 333 of Old Street.

My bubba & Iceland

Ladies and gentleman,
The My bubba & Mi gang is always busy travelling and playing! A couple of days ago they were on the beach singing for Rolling stone and yesteday they arrived in Iceland for the awesome Iceland Airwaves! 
and here are the details:

Thursday -14/10 —–SJOPPAN 14:00 (off venue)

Friday -15/10—–IÐNÓ 19:10 (Airwaves)

Saturday-16/10—–NORRÆNA HÚSIÐ 13:00 (off venue)

Sunday -17/10—–LISTASAFN ÍSLANDS-20:00

Link to event: