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We are extremely excited to be once again in Austin, TX, for SXSW 2016! To make this year special to us are the 4 WWNBB’s bands performing at the festival: from BIRTHH‘s (world) live debut, to the return of Brothers in Law 3 years later, with our California own Burnt Palms and Crescendo both here for their first time, you have plenty of chances to see them live and stop by to say hi!

3/16 Austin, TX – The Italy at SXSW party @ Numero 28 3:40 pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Romantic Rock @ The Eastern 2:40 pm
3/19 Austin, TX – SXSW Free Spotlight showcase @ The Townsend 9pm

Brothers in Law
3/16 Austin, TX – Austin Tawn Hall show @ Spider House –  2:30pm
3/16 Austin, TX – The Italy at SXSW party @ Numero 28 4:30 DJset
3/16 Austin, TX – SXSW International Shoegaze @ Tellers 8pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Onward Indian show @ Spider House –12:30pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Music For Listeners @ El Sapo 3:00pm

Burnt Palms
3/17 Austin, TX – SXSW Carpark Records showcase @ Swan Dive 8pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Romantic Rock @ The Eastern 4:40 pm

3/16 Austin, TX – SXSW International Shoegaze @ Tellers 9pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Music For Listeners @ El Sapo 2:00pm
3/20 Austin, TX – Dojo Zine showcase @ The Longbranch Inn 12:45pm

As if this weren’t enough, there are 2 new videos that just dropped last week premiered by Impose: in Brothers in Law’s Oh, Sweet Song, filmed by Lorenzo Musto, “the chords and keyboard hooks ascend to celestial heights, while Musto exhibits feelings of euphoria and elation that are executed in the most minimalist, yet effective assembly of interpretive presentation.”

Burnt Palms’s frontwoman Riley’s video for Over “illustrates the local splendors seen from coastal windows to the sea, shore-side vegetation, the windy two-lane twists & turns of Highway 1 and more that is something of a living postcard for the 831 area code.”

And if you want more, here are the US tour dates for the 4 bands in case you prefer to avoid Red River and 6th this week and hope in a more intimate show…



Zoë Kiefl – Young Mom

“I found a really great photo of my mom in 1986, standing up against a wall, next to a framed baby picture. It was like foreshadowing because she was only 15 then and got pregnant only two years later.” That picture became the inspiration for Young Mom, Zoë Kiefl‘s new album. Nine electronic-pop tracks, able to move from abstract musical landscapes (Winter 86) to sweet nostalgic ballads (Lover Overseas). Young Mom is a collection of songs that shows the eclectic musical background this Canadian living in New York brings with her from the native Montréal; from movies and soundtracks, to psychedelia, till the warmest R’n’B. The best description of  Zoë Kiefl’s work is in the  cover of the classic Walk On By, by Dionne Warwick, filtered through analog sounds and foggy reverbs to enfold the vocals. “I grew up listening to [Walk On By] and the honesty and simplicity of the lyrics stuck to me. My rendition of the track is more melancholic. I think Dionne’s voice is strong and poised whereas mine is more exasperated and desperate. I wanted the track to be danceable despite its sadness so I went for an Italo-Disco vibe.” Young Mom is out now via digital download, while Zoë Kiefl’s cover of  “Walk On By” comes as a free bonus-track, only downloading the album from our bandcamp pages. Take a peak into Zoë’s work by watching the clip for Walk On By (below) and reading her interview on Impose Magazine.

«Ho trovato una fotografia davvero magnifica di mia madre nel 1986. Stava in piedi contro un muro, accanto a un ritratto incorniciato di un bambino. Era come una specie di profezia perché all’epoca lei aveva soltanto quindici anni, ma sarebbe rimasta incinta appena due anni dopo». Quell’immagine è diventata l’ispirazione e la copertina di Young Mom, il nuovo album di Zoë Kiefl, giovane cantautrice originaria di Montréal, Canada, e residente a New York. Un disco che racchiude nove tracce di pop elettronico, capace di passare da paesaggi sonori astratti (Winter 86) a dolcissime ballate piene di nostalgia (Lover Overseas). Una raccolta che mostra l’eclettico background musicale di Zoë, la cui ispirazione deve molto al cinema e alle colonne sonore, ma anche alla psichedelia e al più caldo R’n’B. La sintesi più limpida di questo lavoro è nella cover della classica Walk On By di Dionne Warwick, filtrata attraverso suoni analogici e un nebbia di riverberi che avvolge la voce. «Sono cresciuta ascoltando questa canzone. La mia interpretazione è più malinconica. Là dove la voce di Dionne è forte la mia si fa più esasperata e disperata. Volevo che la canzone fosse ballabile, nonostante la profonda tristezza che racconta, e così sono l’ho portata verso atmosfere italo-disco». Young Mom è disponibile da ora via download digitale, mentre la cover di “Walk On By” viene come bonus-track gratuita solo scaricando il disco dalle nostre pagine bandcamp. Per immergersi nel lavoro di Zoë basta prendersi qualche minuto per guardare il video di “Walk On By” qui sotto, e leggersi la sua intervista su Impose Magazine.

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Summer Summer – Official Video

There’s a new Le Man Avec Les Lunettes video online! Premiere on Impose! Swimming visual sentiments arranged courtesy of Erica Terenzi’s (Be Forest) and Lorenzo Musto, additional vocals by Costanza of Be Forest.

Music Video for Summer Summer directed by MUTE project. Summer Summer was writter by Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, recorder by Alessandro Paderno & Fabio Benni, mixed & mastered by Lorenzo Caperchi @ Red Carpet Studio.

‘Summer Summer ‘ appears on Le Man Avec Les Lunettes’s 2014 album ‘Make It Happen’, available from,
iTunes – itunes.apple.com/it/album/make-it-happen­/id798914931
Bandcamp – wwnbb.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-053-make-­it-happen-le-man-avec-les-lunettes
Amazon – amazon.it/Make-Happen-Man-Avec-Lunettes/­dp/B00JYN66XE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid­=1413570781&sr=8-4&keywords=le+m­an+avec+les+lunettes

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, premiére & preorder

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - Former Leader

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes are set to release a new album called “Make It Happen” on March 10th via WWNBB. To mark the announcement, we’ve been given a free download of the first and awesome single ‘Former Leader’. [via Impose Magazine].

Preorders are available here!

cover picture: Laurence (laurencephilomene.com/)

Listen: Be Forest’s new single “Captured Heart”

be forest earthbeat

be forest earthbeat

‘Captured Heart’ is the the first song we wrote for Earthbeat, we believe it gives the right ‘coordinates’ for an accurate reading of the album. In this song you can hear all the changes we went through the last couple of years. ‘Captured Heart’ is the summary, the one song that embraces the whole history of the album itself.
Be Forest talks with Sjimon Gompers – Impose Magazine – and share both the song ‘Captured Heart’ and their thoughts about their new album Earthbeat, which will be released on February 4, 2014.