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 The night tale of a saxophone intertwines with layers of synths and gets animated almost without rhythm, all while an angelic voice floats between dark and dawn lost among reverbs and lost into the wind blowing from the sea: it’s from this grey area that it all squares off perfectly! Soundtrack, the opener for Dizzyride‘s eponymous debut states “No such thing as homeless in nowhere land”: it’s a feeling we won’t be able to forget for the rest of the album – the certainty that anywhere we are and anywhere we’ll be, love will cross any boundaries and will always be stronger than solitude, uncertainties, and time. “Every moment will be what it should be / We exist in ways beyond our control / Every moment we shared has been mystical” as sung in Young You, could be an ascetic dazed predicament, and instead it is the frank and overwhelming instant that captures one of those precious and rare flashes of absolute lucidity, where the simple wonder of finding themselves alive aligns and equates all we have always known and chosen to believe. It’s amazing to be able to witnessing such a majestic thing and transfer it to music and lyrics – “Going back to the one I adore / Shining bright like a star / He is near when I am far” (Candy Lullaby). Dizzyride’s sound re-invents and summarizes influences that take from minimalistic-pop, psychedelia, afro-beat, disco, electronic lo-fi and soul music in ten delicate songs that can’t find similarities among contemporaries. Once every now and then, music introduces itself with a pulsing vibrancy that can move us. Dizzyride are Nicola Donà (The Calorifer Is Very Hot! / Horrible Present) and Montreal born Zoë Kiefl, couple in art and in life: they live, rise their daughter, compose and record in Brooklyn. This is their first album, available digitally from every platform and on a limited edition 12″ vinyl from our stores.

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 Il racconto notturno di un sassofono si intreccia a luminosi tappeti di synth, animandosi quasi senza ritmo, mentre una voce angelica fluttua, si immerge e riaffiora, tra il buio e l’alba, persa tra riverberi e vento che soffia dal mare: dal chiaroscuro, tutto si accende in un’inquadratura perfetta. “No such thing as homeless in nowhere land”, proclama Soundtrack, la canzone che apre l’eponimo album d’esordio dei Dizzyride. È una sensazione che non ci scrolleremo più di dosso per tutta la durata del disco: la certezza che, ovunque staremo andando, l’amore conterà più di muri e confini, sarà sempre più forte della solitudine, delle nostre incertezze di un’ora, e anche del tempo che ci passa addosso. “Supersonic, amour fou”, ripete Jungle Mix. “Every moment will be what it should be / We exist in ways beyond our control / Every moment we shared has been mystical” (da Young You): potrebbe sembrare il comizio ebbro di un asceta in stato confusionale, e invece è la schietta e travolgente istantanea che cattura uno di quei preziosi e rari lampi di assoluta lucidità, in cui il semplice stupore di ritrovarsi a vivere allinea e fa coincidere tutto quello che abbiamo sempre saputo e scelto in fondo ai nostri pensieri. È straordinario osservare da tanto vicino un fenomeno così maestoso, poterlo sfiorare in forma di canzoni e di parole d’amore. “Going back to the one I adore / Shining bright like a star / He is near when I am far” (Candy Lullaby). Il suono dei Dizzyride trasforma e distilla influenze di pop minimalista, tradizione psichedelica, disco afro- beat, elettronica lo-fi e soul music in dieci delicate composizioni che esulano dalle affinità con altri nomi contemporanei. Una volta tanto, la musica si presenta a noi con una verità palpitante, che fa quasi commuovere. I Dizzyride sono Nicola Donà (The Calorifer Is Very Hot! / Horrible Present) e Zoë Kiefl, cantautrice originaria di Montreal. Coppia nell’arte e nella vita dal 2014, risiedono a Brooklyn, dove hanno registrato due EP. Questo è il loro primo album disponibile in digitale su tutte le piatteforme e su vinile 12″ in tiratura limitata sui nostri store.

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DIZZYRIDE introduces debut album with “Soundtrack”

Brooklyn has been already for a few years the home for the duo Kiefl – Donà, names that you might recognize for their solo projects: Horrible Present for the Venetian crooner, and the homonymous Zoë Kiefl for the Canadian’s angelic voice. Together they are Dizzyride, and after a few songs and EPs they finally announced the release of their debut full length, due out on January 20th, 2017. Soundtrack is the first single previewing the self-titled album that includes as well a number of collaborations (Mary Lattimore and Kyle forester to mention a few). Press play, replay.

Horrible Present – Rare & Nocturnal – video

Premiered earlier today by Interview Magazine, here’s the video for Rare & Nocturnal from Horrible Present’s newest album Intuition, out now on limited 12″ vinyl and digital. The video was made by Samatha Casolari and best represents Horrible Present’s imaginary of weird and shimmering psychedelia. Enjoy the song, enjoy the video, buy the record!


We are very happy to announce the release of this limited edition vinyl from our buddy Horrible Present. If you want to get a feel of what you are looking at just read his own presentation, it probably describes the music better than any review!

“I like to describe my project Horrible Present as a One Man Vagaband.
When I was a kid my mom taught me that the most important thing in life is to travel and to experience different kinds of things.
And my dad had guitars and organs everywhere.
After traveling a lot I eventually found myself back in New York City about two years ago. NY is home. People here think I’m Argentinian, French, Dutch, Brazilian, Swedish, Israeli or Russian. Venice is never even a guess.
I have a framed picture hanging on my bedroom wall of a young Bob DeNiro with Liza Minnelli and a random kid, everyone thinks its an old family photo.
It’s hilarious.
I’m extremely fascinated by the past.
The psychedelia in the 60s. I dig the depth of old time crooners. The warmth of tubes. I want guitars sexy like Link Wray. Like the Shangri-Las ‘Walking in the Sand’. Sexy like The Stones.
Right now I’m all about Sanford Clark. I think of him as my spiritual dad. Mixed with Syd Barrett.
I named our oldest family dog after Syd. The other one is called Lennon. Just saying.
I love talking about Chalino Sanchez. And my longtime lovers, Elvis and Luigi Tenco.
I sample the 20s. The 30s. The 40s. I loop my vocals. Falsetto and BamBam. Yeah Doowop!
I’m positive. Future is gonna be glorious. And repetitive. And trippy.
And we will only drink mezcal. And we will always dream. It’s endless.
I do dream about the ocean quite often. I guess its the Venetian, the fisherman, the old sailor in me.
“Intuition” is a collection of songs I recorded and mixed entirely in my room in Brooklyn.
My buddy Frank made the artwork. My friend Sammy made the video. Nicole’s shadow sent me good vibes.
My pals at WWNBB are releasing it.
Cakes & Tapes is putting it on tape as well.
It’s like a family picture. It’s warm. And framed.
I can totally say that most of my decisions are instinct-driven. No doubt.
Intuition never left our apartment, Union Plaza.
Intuition is also a Buckminster-Fuller book I borrowed from my friend Tom. It’s more than simple inspiration. It’s a total rip-off haha.
I hope you like it. ”

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SXSW and US shows


*poster by Theo Van der Veer

Dear friends walking US’ soil,

if you happen to live nearby one of the venues or cities listed below, or if you own a private jet, but even better if you like to ride your bike to see the best shows around, take a look at the tour dates of our bands and come say hi! And when we say “come say Hi!” we mean it! Especially if it’s late and we’ve had a good night…you might risk to get free copies of our albums at the merchandise table!

Yours truly,

Brothers in Law
03.09.13 New York @ Bar East
03.10.13 New York @ Death by Audio w/Juan Wauters, Horrible Present, Missing Documents
03.14.12 Austin, TX @ SXSW – official showcase @ BD Riley’s 204 E 6th St – 8:00PM – 8:40PM
03.15.12 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Music For Listeners w/Girls Names, Gold Bear …

His Clancyness
03.09.13 Manhattan, NY @ Cake Shop
03.10.13 Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands Gallery w/ Lodro, Tweens
03.13.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Axis Family Affair @ Club 1808 (11pm)
03.14.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Music For Listeners showcase @ Flat Shop Burger (2pm) w/ Fear Of Men
03.15.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Ground Control Touring showcase @ Beerland (12,30pm) w/ Merchandise, Beach Fossils, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks etc.
03.16.13 Austin, TX @ SXSW – official showcase @ Esther’s Follies (11pm)

Horrible Present
03.10.13 New York @ Death by Audio w/Juan Wauters, Brothers in Law, Missing Documents
17.03.13 New York @ PETE’S CANDY STORE


Breaking News: Videos!

We were already excited to bring you Karibean‘s new EP “Andersen“, we’re even more excited now, as you can watch the new video of Jesus Jarvis, directed by Enrico Boccioletti. And get ready: we announced an experimental pop beach party that will bring you live on stage Karibean, Death in Plains (Enrico’s musical project) and Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. Don’t miss it, come by and party!

Also, check out Karibean upcoming tour dates….!

Welcome Back Sailors have a new video for their song About us. This is a virtual psychedelic trip, put the headphones on and you’ll be in the sailors own world. And don’t forget to follow Welcome Back Sailors on their new website!

Last but not least: Loose Fuse. First single from Horrible Present‘s brand-new Union Plaza EP, features a great clip by Francesco Mancin. You can download Union Plaza EP for free via bandcamp!

Horrible Present “fifty-four ep”

fifty – four ep by Horrible Present

 Ecco il nuovo ep di Horrible Present in free download qui su wwnbb, oppure sulla pagina bandcamp dell’artista. E’ stato registrato, mixato e masterizzato a Londra, UK dove al momento Nicola risiede. Tanti regali stanno arrivando come il nuovo tumblr che rimpiazza il vecchio blogspot, il primo tour e un nuovo video per “the girl who found the world” girato a Parigi dal visionario cakebycake che ha anche curato l’artwork di questo ep. Siamo davvero orgogliosi di pubblicarlo come accadde per il suo primo ep. Tutto è iniziato per scherzo, come presa in giro. È ancora un gioco, un gioco che a noi piace tantissimo. È stupendo, buon ascolto!

 Horrible Present’s new ep on free download via wwnbb or on the artist bandcamp’s page. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered in London, UK where Nicola is based at the moment. Loads and loads of presents are coming as the new tumblr instead of the old blogspot, the first tour and the new video for “the girl who found the world” filmed in Paris by the visionary cakebycake who also composed the ep’s artwork. we are proud to release it as we’ve released his first ep. it started just for fun, as a joke. it’s still a joke and we love it as it is. it’s absolutely stunning, enjoy!


Our 3rd Summer

Sometimes you don’t feel old celebrating your B-day, especially if it’s your 2nd!
Happy birthday to us! And some presents for you as in our tradition! To begin our 3rd summer in the best way, we got a new video from The Ian Fays (just before their tour in South California) and an amazing all-stars cooperation for Horrible Present (find the references!).
Enjoy the videos, the summer, and that bottle that you pop for us!

monday morning update

It’s a mild Monday morning in November, the perfect warmth mood that accompanies this video just made by the nice people at CAKEBYCAKE for Horrible Present’s “everything’s already done”.

Last week we released A Party in Motion, the new EP from Still Flyin’. Rolling Stone celebrates this first collaboration between Moshi Moshi and WWNBB with a streaming here!  To buy your own precious copy go to our shop!

My bubba & Mi still touring the world with their album “How it’s done in Italy”, were in UK last week for some amazing (we’ve heard) shows. The friends at Balcony TV didn’t miss the chance and with Amy’s beautiful accent invited them on the balcony up at 333 of Old Street.

keep me posted … in September

There are some great news you have to know, like Welcome Back Sailors’ new video “Love’s the answer, blame it” (premiere on Delicious Scopitone), nostalgia and Super8… Or their review by Enrico Veronese on September’s BLOW UP (7!)
On the same magazine there’s also Soda Fountain Rag’s review (7!) of the new 10 inches vynil “Reel around me“, which has been positively reviewed as well from Tom on indie-mp3.co.uk

We would like to know a bit more from The Calorifer is Very Hot! that moved to the US….they talk about great news, but for that we have to wait.
We’ve heard Horrible Present is setting up an awesome live show. updates soon on superfinepast.blogspot.com (where you can find new songs and a very funny video!)