Micevice – Bipolars of the World Unite CPL


 A volte ci si ritrova a canticchiare canzoni che riemergono da anni, a volte decenni passati; memorie di perle che ci spingono alla ricerca di quel CD, proprio quel CD…quanto vorrei ascoltarlo adesso a volume altissimo! Ero sicuro fosse qui, perché non trovo mai i CD quando li cerco? Sono passati qualcosa come 17 anni dalla prima uscita di Bipolars of the World Unite CPL di Micevice e siamo onorati di riportarlo alla luce in questa versione arricchita di 2 nuovi brani e grafiche rivisitate. In gran parte concepito da Giovanni Ferrario, Bipolars of the World Unite CPL è stato registrato nello studio mobile montato in una casa di Sanico sul lago di Garda durante gli ultimi mesi del 1999, mentre Giovanni partecipava alle registrazioni dell’album Armstrong degli Scisma (come musicista e co-produttore assieme a Paolo Benvegnù). Le registrazioni sono state curate da Marco Tagliola e Marco Franzoni. Come ospiti ci sono tutti i membri degli Scisma, oltre a Davide Mahony, Paolo Milzani, Luca Gallina, Dario Pironi, Marc Huyghens, Cristina Donà (la quale ha scritto il testo e cantato ‘Fireworks’, brano comparso anche sul retro del suo singolo Goccia). Lo-fi rock’n roll, blues e psychedelia, si bilanciano in una scaletta ampliata dalle tracce The Second String, Opium&Speed (in versione live), mentre Edulcorated entra di diritto in scaletta lasciando il ruolo di ghost track. La copertina è una rivisitazione grafica della foto originale scattata da Ferrario presso i docks di Londra nel 1982. Bipolars of the World Unite CPL è da oggi nuovamente disponibile su CD jewel-case e in digitale.

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 Sometimes you find yourself humming songs from years, sometimes decades past; memories that push us to look for that CD…that CD! What I would give to hear it now super-loud! I was sure it was here, why can’t I ever find CDs when I want to listen to them? It’s been something like 17 years since the first release of Micevice‘s Bipolars of the World Unite CPL, and we are honored to bring it back to light in this enhanced version with two new songs and tweaked graphics. Mainly conceived by Giovanni Ferrario, Bipolars of the World Unite CPL was recorded in a mobile studio in a house in Sanico, on Lake Garda, during the last months of 1999, while Giovanni was also participating in the recordings of Scisma’s album Armstrong (as a musician and co-producer along with Paolo Benvegnù). The album was recorded by Marco Tagliola and Marco Franzoni. All members of Scisma participate as guests, in addition to Davide Mahony, Paul Milzani, Luca Gallina, Dario Pironi, Marc Huyghens, Cristina Donà (who wrote the lyrics and sang ‘Fireworks’, song appeared as well on the b-side of her single Goccia). Lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll, blues and psychedelia are balancing in an extended set-list (including The Second String, Opium & Speed ​​- live version). The cover is a redesign of the original photo taken in 1982 by Ferrario at the docks in London. Bipolars of the World Unite CPL is now available anew on CD jewel-case, and for digital download and streaming.

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Giovanni Ferrario Alliance – WWNB3 session

Recorded in his hometown of Brescia (Italy) at Latteria Molloy, Giovanni Ferrario shows his on-stage experience with these three songs taken from his latest release Places Names Numbers. Piano, guitar, computer and Giovanni himself, for a taste of a captivating live show. Enjoy!


Giovanni Ferrario Alliance shares new song “Brush”


Giovanni Ferrario Alliance has shared “Brush”, a first taste of upcoming album “Places, Names, Numbers” (via Gold Flake Paint).

A while ago I was next to a friend who was very ill. Despite everything he hadn’t lost his sense of humor and described to me his dreams, his visions always very clear, with even funny implications.
Brush talks about how you can reach a state of lucidity while you are sick and in treatment, under the influence, sometimes psychedelic, of heavy medication. ‘We want more, we want to stay together’, simple things in a parallel universe.

Have a listen to “Brush” below.

Giovanni Ferrario alliance covers Wyatt-Benge, announces release in October

Giovanni Ferrario Alliance just joined the growing WWNBB’s family and we couldn’t be happier! Ferrario, who in his career has worked with names like PJ Harvey & John Parish, is going to release his new full length Places Names Numbers in October 2016, and as a taste of what the album will be, he decided to record the song Costa, a cover by Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge. Giovanni Ferrario Alliance shares the song accompanied by a beautiful and mesmerizing video created by Jean De Oliveira. Enjoy!

GIOVANNI FERRARIO ALLIANCE – COSTA (cover R. Wyatt / A. Benge) from We Were Never Being Boring on Vimeo.