WWNBB#079 – Extra Life by Soda Fountain Rag Norway’s Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl is known to most as Soda Fountain Rag, and we are happy to announce that she is back with a beautifully catchy and yet touching album titled Extra Life, out this… Continue Reading

Frida & Ale – I don’t like to see others having fun

WWNBB#061 – I don’t like to see others having fun by Frida & Ale Once upon a time there was a Swedish band called Rough Bunnies, formed by two gals who played indie-pop as if it were punk: exceeding passion… Continue Reading

Ten years later, but younger

  “Is it already ten years? No way! You look great! Tell me the truth: there’s a painting of you hidden in some Swedish rooftop that gets older instead of you!” Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, in the spirit of… Continue Reading