Echopark – Ties

 “Ties is the name of this album; ties like the bonds that grow between people.” With these simple words Antonio Elia Forte (aka Echopark) introduces his sophomore album following his 2013’s beautiful debut Trees. Ties that tighten and then loosen up like the distance between me and you: all the song in this record are filled with the duality between closeness and distance as for two conflicting lovers (End) or that between planets (Watching the Planets Colliding). Distances that love can cover in a moment (Oceans) or un-fillable like our silences (When the Night Comes). Echopark’s vibe through this album seems to reflect these opposing forces: the quest for warmth and contact on one side, while building walls of sounds within which one can isolate from the outside world, on the other side. Translated in music, synths over synths defining the measures, facing guitars that create incredibly carrying psychedelic moments (Space Dog). In Ties there’s an idea of music in which rock and groove inextricably blend together, as taught by masters such as TV On The Radio, Tame Impala, or Notwist; but there’s also a reflection of a more secluded and introverted songwriting reminding some Andy Shauf, Aqueduct, or the latest Apples in Stereo. Ties was recorded and produced together with Matilde Davoli (Studiodavoli, Girl With The Gun) at Sudestudio in Lecce, Italy. Percussions are by Andrea Rizzo.

Ties is out now on a limited edition 12″ pressed on royal blue vinyl,  and digitally via your favorite streaming or download service.

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 “Questo disco si chiama Ties, come i nodi che si creano tra le persone”: Antonio Elia Forte, in arte Echopark, sceglie queste semplici parole per presentare il suo nuovo lavoro. Nodi che si stringono e si sciolgono, lo spazio tra te e me: le canzoni di questo disco sembrano essere piene di distanze e connessioni, da quelle tra due amanti in conflitto, come nel singolo End, fino a quelle tra stelle e pianeti (Watching The Planets Colliding). Distanze che l’amore fa coprire in un lampo (Oceans) e distanze incolmabili come i nostri silenzi (When The Night Comes). La musica di Echopark in questo disco sembra riflettere e raccogliere queste due spinte: da un lato a cercare calore e contatto, dall’altro a edificare muri di suono dentro cui isolarsi. Da un lato, strati di synth, a volte sporchi e ruvidi, ritmi quadrati, dall’altro chitarre acustiche ed elettriche (“in questi anni c’è necessità di chitarre”), fino a sfiorare la psichedelia (Space Dog). Dentro Ties c’è un’idea forte di musica in cui rock e groove sono indissolubilmente mescolati, secondo la lezione di nomi come TV On The Radio, Tame Impala, o anche certi Notwist, ma tra le cui pieghe traspare anche un cantautorato più appartato e introverso, i cui riferimenti potrebbero essere Andy Shauf, Aqueduct o gli ultimi Apples In Stereo. Echopark è nato in Puglia ma da alcuni anni vive a Londra. Ties è il suo secondo album (dopo Trees del 2013), ed è stato registrato e prodotto insieme a Matilde Davoli (Studiodavoli, Girl With The Gun) al Sudestudio. Le percussioni sono di Andrea Rizzo.

Ties è disponibile in edizione limitata 12″ stampato su vinile royal blue, e via download e streaming attraverso tutte le piattaforme.

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WWNBB @ SXSW – our label’s showcase in Austin

We bet that among the “5 things you didn’t expect from SXSW 2017” there will soon be a “Wait a second: did you say this stuff is from Italy?” – The showcase of a small independent record label curiously called We Were Never Being Boring will show you a side of Italy – and in a broader way an approach to music – you didn’t know could exist around the boot.

Friday, March 17th at The Sidewinder (inside), We Were Never Being Boring collective (aka WWNBB) presents six bands that will bring a great deal of good music, from indie-rock to electronic, from psychedelic lo-fi to indie-pop, and everything in between: a little festival inside the festival!

Alice Bisi debuted her project at SXSW 2016 when she was not even allowed to see half of the shows because of her then 19 years of age. Since that first appearance she has been continuously playing shows, bringing her music to many prestigious European festivals (Ment, Eurosonic, Ypsigrock, to name a few). In March, she’s going to be back in Austin for SXSW 2017 amidst a year that is already full of unwinding surprises. The debut album Born in the Woods has received international praise, due to its’ breathtaking lyrics and vibrating sounds–a recipe for becoming completely absorbed in the songs.

Dizzyride (
Nicola and Zoë live in Brooklyn where their paths met a few years back. She comes from Montreal, Canada; he is from Venice, Italy. This is their first project together and their music can be described as lo-fi dream pop. Their songs are the perfect soundtrack to those endless nights in which you meet tons of incredible people and in your head are already writing a movie about all of them. Dizzyride just released their eponymous debut album and they are at the moment on tour in the US.

Echopark (
Antonio Elia Forte lives in London, but his Mediterranean roots are vibrant in his passionate and at times euphoric way to face and dismantle synth-pop’s standard forms, and, while doing so, riding along walls of guitars built layer after layer after layer… Antonio is restless and never stops playing, reinventing, pushing the boundaries, and having fun. His sophomore album, Ties, out on March 10th, is a perfect gem that couldn’t debut on a better stage than that of SXSW.

Weird Black (
This four piece from Rome plays a joyous psych-pop with a great passion for the Beatles and the Canterbury scene. Captain Luca Di Cataldo is a never ending volcano of ideas and songs, and while he is finalizing with Don Bolles (Ariel Pink, The Germs) the band’s sophomore album, set for release in the spring, it looks like there’s more and more urgent songs coming out right before SXSW. We couldn’t be happier to be facing the incoming spring with more surrealistic songs!

Halfalib (
Marco Giudici might be a familiar face to some, for his bass playing with the band Any Other, but his solo project Halfalib is still somewhat mysterious even if the tracks are already scattered across the web and the physical album is on its way to the stores. Halfalib’s music floats between Chris Cohen and Mercury Rev inside a shiny cloud of its’ own, still transforming and doused with mystery.

We are long time admirers of this band even though it’s not part of our label-family (they have released with the awesome To Lose La Track and MiaCameretta Records), we are very excited they will be joining us to bring on stage their indie-rock à la Sonic Youth / Dinosaur Jr. A perfect energy shaker condensed in a 40 minutes set, like their latest album “Corners”, should be played cranked up to volume 11!

Polaroid DJ (
Enzo Baruffaldi, from his hometown of Bologna, curates since 2001 the indie music blog “polaroid” (the nod is to Douglas Coupland’s “Polaroids From The Dead” and Belle & Sebastian’s “Ink Polaroids”, not the camera…) and a weekly radio show on Radio Città del Capo. In 2014, a survey conducted by included polaroid in the list of the “100 most influential blogs worldwide”. He wrote for Rolling Stone and various other magazines and webzines. When he djs he usually mixes indiepop and Northern Soul, and basically spends the entire set going back and forth from the dancefloor.

The beautiful artwork used for the poster is by artist Denis Riva, masterfully arranged graphically by Rossella Merighi.

Echopark drops new single “End” – Announces new album

London based Echopark fills the gap between his debut Trees and the sophomore Ties with the stunning single End; a jaw-dropping hymn that starts out precise to an almost methodic degree, explodes in an epic chorus and evolves into a sonic mash of a finale. End anticipates Echopark’s second album Ties, out on March 10,  released digitally and on a limited edition transparent blue vinyl that you can pre-order from our European and North American stores while listening to the song!

25 Luglio – We Were Never Being Boring Collective Night – Padova @ Radar Festival


poster by Anna K Là


In questa serata speciale, dedicata e organizzata in collaborazione con WWNBB collective, si esibiranno tre band appartenenti al roster dell’etichetta: Brothers in law, Echopark e Love the Unicorn. Siamo emozionati al pensiero di avere uno spazio cosi esclusivo e importante  dedicato al nostro progetto fatto in casa. Per questo motivo alle prime 20 (venti!) persone che arriveranno all’ingresso regaleremo un disco di WWNBB! Si si, avete letto bene!

Sul palco poi ci sarà il meglio di quello che WWNBB ha pubblicato quest’anno, tre gruppi incredibili … non vediamo l’ora. Ci riconoscete, saremo quelli in prima fila!

DETTAGLI SULLA SERATA E LE BAND:—wwnbb-night-w-brothers-in-law—echopark—love-the-unicorn.html

Echopark – Brother

Here’s Echopark new video for the song Brother! Premiered by Clash Music, this clip is a live recording shot by Giorgio GIannoccaro at Sudestudio. Brother is the new single from the album Trees. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, DO IT NOW!

Echopark – Trees

echopark - trees

echopark – trees

From: ***
To: ***
Date: 15 April 2013 01:52
Subject: album di debutto Echopark

«Ho preso un volo per Londra, sono atterrato a Heathrow. Taxi fino al centro. Non credere a quello che dicono: gli ostelli sono brutti. Vado dritto a Whitechapel, dove abita Antonio Elia Forte. È di Lecce ma vive qui da anni. Suona roba elettronica e ho visto su facebook che si fa chiamare Echopark. Mette su il tè e mi mostra delle foto della sua Puglia mentre fuori piove. Dice che Lecce gli ricorda Echo Park, quella di Los Angeles, con gli skater, i surfisti, la scena delle band e il sole. Gli chiedo cosa c’è di quelle immagini dentro la sua musica. Mi risponde “la luce”. Gli chiedo se posso mettere su il suo disco mentre aspettiamo. Alza le spalle e sorride. C’è un demo con una scritta a pennarello rosso. Mi piacciono subito certi suoni un po’ Animal Collective un po’ Morr un po’ Postal Service, ma con il 100% di gioia in più. Cassa dritta, un paesaggio disteso e la testa che parte per le vacanze. Non è un caso che il primo singolo si chiami Teleportation. Non è un caso che in scaletta ci siano anche cose come Mountain, Raindrops, Waves. E poi il disco si intitola proprio Trees, e riesce a parlare di Natura attraverso dei synth. Però c’è qualcosa nei riverberi sovrapposti della sua voce, qualcosa di grandioso ma anche di molto vicino, non so come spiegarlo. Glielo chiedo. Mi risponde “la luce” e sorride ancora. Scherza, ma in qualche modo ha ragione: è un disco di elettronica registrato tutto in cameretta, ma alla fine puoi dirne quel che vuoi tranne che sia freddo. Al contrario. E più tardi, mentre usciamo, sulla moquette porpora delle scale, mi viene in mente la parola che cercavo: “radiosa”. Questa musica lo è, dalla prima all’ultima nota.»

ordina il disco

From: ***
To: ***
Date: 15 April 2013 01:52
Subject: Echopark’s debut album

«Took a charter flight on a DC-10 to London. Landed at Heathrow. Took a cab to the city center. Don’t let people lie to you: hostels are for the ugly. I go straight to Whitechapel: there lives Antonio Elia Forte. He’s from Lecce, down the heel of the Italian peninsula, but he’s lived here in London for years. Antonio plays electronic music and I noticed on facebook that his bandname is Echopark. Antonio turns on the boiler for some tea and shows me some pictures of Puglia, his home-region in Italy, while outside it’s pooring rain. He tells me that his home town Lecce reminds him of Echo Park, the Los Angeles neighborhood with surfers, bands and sun. I ask him what of that imaginary seeps in his music. He replies: “the light.” I ask if I can play his album while we hang out. He shrugs and smiles. I immediately like the sound, there’s a bit of Animal Collective, a little of Morr Music, and a bit of Postal Service, but 100% more joyous. A straight forward kick, a nice landscape and your head is on the best holiday ever! It is no coincidence that the first single is called Teleportation. It is no coincidence that in the songlist there are also titles like Mountain, Raindrops, Waves. And it is no coincidence that the album is titled Trees and it can talk about Nature through synthesizers. But there is something special in the overlapping reflections of his voice, something great but also very near, I don’t know how to explain it, so I ask. “The light” he replies, and then smiles again. He’s joking but I know that he’s right: this album was all conceived and recorded in Antonio’s bedroom in cold London, but there’s nothing cold about the sound! And I realize it when we finally go out from his place and I find the word I was looking for to describe Echopark’s music: radiant! From the first to the last song!.»

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Eleven slices of kaleidoscopic home-made pop” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Layered pop that sounds not unlike a kissing cousin to Youth Lagoon” – Under The Radar

“This is shit you should be buying” – The405

17.04.13 London @ The Monarch (Camden) w/Rina Sawayama [UK]
22.04.13 London @ The Old Blue Last (Shoreditch) w/V e e n, Celestial Trax + Club The Mammoth Djs [UK]
24.04.13 London @ The Birthdays (Dalston) w/Blackbird Blackbird [UK]