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We are extremely excited to be once again in Austin, TX, for SXSW 2016! To make this year special to us are the 4 WWNBB’s bands performing at the festival: from BIRTHH‘s (world) live debut, to the return of Brothers in Law 3 years later, with our California own Burnt Palms and Crescendo both here for their first time, you have plenty of chances to see them live and stop by to say hi!

3/16 Austin, TX – The Italy at SXSW party @ Numero 28 3:40 pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Romantic Rock @ The Eastern 2:40 pm
3/19 Austin, TX – SXSW Free Spotlight showcase @ The Townsend 9pm

Brothers in Law
3/16 Austin, TX – Austin Tawn Hall show @ Spider House –  2:30pm
3/16 Austin, TX – The Italy at SXSW party @ Numero 28 4:30 DJset
3/16 Austin, TX – SXSW International Shoegaze @ Tellers 8pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Onward Indian show @ Spider House –12:30pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Music For Listeners @ El Sapo 3:00pm

Burnt Palms
3/17 Austin, TX – SXSW Carpark Records showcase @ Swan Dive 8pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Romantic Rock @ The Eastern 4:40 pm

3/16 Austin, TX – SXSW International Shoegaze @ Tellers 9pm
3/18 Austin, TX – Music For Listeners @ El Sapo 2:00pm
3/20 Austin, TX – Dojo Zine showcase @ The Longbranch Inn 12:45pm

As if this weren’t enough, there are 2 new videos that just dropped last week premiered by Impose: in Brothers in Law’s Oh, Sweet Song, filmed by Lorenzo Musto, “the chords and keyboard hooks ascend to celestial heights, while Musto exhibits feelings of euphoria and elation that are executed in the most minimalist, yet effective assembly of interpretive presentation.”

Burnt Palms’s frontwoman Riley’s video for Over “illustrates the local splendors seen from coastal windows to the sea, shore-side vegetation, the windy two-lane twists & turns of Highway 1 and more that is something of a living postcard for the 831 area code.”

And if you want more, here are the US tour dates for the 4 bands in case you prefer to avoid Red River and 6th this week and hope in a more intimate show…




Crescendo - Unless - COVER

  Crescendo’s music grows with intensity: the sounds swell, the emphasis moves to the heart, and then resonates throughout the rest of the body. It feels unstoppable, endless. Crescendo is a young trio from Los Angeles: their sound is bright, clear shoegaze. To be more precise—it’s the most dreamy and ethereal of this genre, and it’s not a coincidence that Gregory, vocals and guitar, is the founder of the itinerant festival called “Dreamgaze”. The most striking thing about the band’s second work, Unless, is the effortless collide of heavenly melodies and tight rhythm: an urgency that pervades every song on the album. The guitars are crisp, the drums are pushed to the max, the synths are engulfed in layers, and the voices of Gregory Cole and Olive Kimoto explode in some distant galaxy. The trio declares bands like the Radio Dept. and Smiths as their inspirations, but it’s easy to find affinities with bands like DIIV, Craft Spells and Wild Nothing as well. Definitely, the feature that most distinguishes Crescendo is their brightness, an idea of ​​music that travels beyond light, fast and relaxed, while explosions and flashes rumble and shudder all around it. The center of this album can be found in the title: “Unless”—a word which sums up the band’s attitude about this project: “Unless is the word you use to start the conversations that overcomes obstacles or impossible feats, and that word connects sci-fi space romance and our music together”. Unless is now available on a limited edition multicolor splatter vinyl, Compact Disc and digital. And as the excitement grew exponentially in the last few weeks with songs from the album premiered one after the other, we are very happy to bring you Unless in it’s entirety, and at the same time remind you what the press had to say about Repulsor, Haunted, Softly, Yet, PressureTell, Said

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  Crescendo come movimento: aumenta l’intensità, la musica trascina, l’accento si sposta sul cuore e il corpo lo segue. Crescendo inarrestabile. Crescendo senza fine. Crescendo come un giovane terzetto di Los Angeles. Il loro suono è una qualità luminosa, cristallina e accesa di shoegaze. Per la precisione la parte più sognante ed eterea di questo genere, e non è un caso che Gregory, cantante, chitarra e mente della band, sia anche il fondatore del festival itinerante ribattezzato “Dreamgaze”. La cosa che più colpisce, già al primo ascolto di questo secondo lavoro, intitolato Unless, è la naturalezza con cui i Crescendo fanno scontrare le loro melodie celestiali con una ritmica serrata: un’urgenza che pervade ogni loro canzone. Chitarre glaciali, batteria spinta al massimo, tappeti di synth, e le voci di Gregory Cole e Olive Kimoto che si rincorrono in qualche galassia distante. Se le ispirazioni dichiarate della band californiana sono nomi come Radio Dept. e Smiths, in questa scrittura si possono rintracciare anche affinità con band del calibro di DIIV, Craft Spells e Wild Nothing. Ma la caratteristica che contraddistingue i Crescendo resta la loro limpidezza, un’idea di musica che viaggia oltre la luce, velocissima e distesa, mentre tutto intorno esplosioni e bagliori rimbombano e fremono. Il centro di questo album sta tutto nel suo titolo: Unless, “a meno che”, e che riassume bene anche l’atteggiamento che la band sembra avere di fronte alla propria musica. “Unless è la parola che usi quando vuoi cominciare una conversazione che scarta un ostacolo, aggirando un argomento impossibile. È la parola che connette un certo romanticismo da fantascienza e la nostra musica allo stesso livello”. Unless è disponibile da oggi in vinile con splatter multicolore in edizione limitata, su CD e in digitale.  E visto che l’attesa era diventata ormai insostenibile nelle ultime settimane, con perle che uscivano da questo album su premiere improvvise… siamo felici di farvi ascoltare per intero il nuovo album dei Crescendo e allo stesso tempo ricordarvi che cosa ha detto la stampa di Repulsor, Haunted, SoftlyYetPressure, TellSaid

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2016 is set to be a busy year for WWNBB, and we are excited to bring you some news with both pride and trepidation.

SXSW takes over Austin next year on March 15-20. Today the lineup of participating artists has been announced, and among them are three WWNBB’s bands: the debuting BIRTHH, Crescendo and Brothers in Law. Brothers in Law will release their new album Raise on Jan 29th. If you pre-order the album (EU/US) now, you’ll get the single “Middle of Nowwhere” instantly. And if you hurry you can also pre-order one of the few remaining limited edition transparent and white marble vinyl here (EU/US). Crescendo has just released their new single “Repulsor” via Consequence of Sound. You can pre-order their new album Unless here (EU/US), it’s going to be an amazing blue, red and gold heavy splatter on transparent white vinyl. As for BIRTHH… we will let you know more soon!

And as already announced, Be Forest are set to embark on a European tour in January 2016. Among their shows (dates below) they will perform on the prestigious Eurosonic stage in Groningen, NL!

11.01.16 Nancy @ Machine à Vapeur – France
12.01.16 Paris @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire – France
13.01.16 Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wellen – Luxembourg
14.01.16 Groningen @ ESNS – Netherlands
15.01.16 Hamburg @ Astrastube – Germany
16.01.16 Göttingen @ Nörgelbuff – Germany
18.01.16 Berlin @ Schokoladen – Germany
19.01.16 Dresden @ Ostpol – Germany

be forest esns16

be forest esns16

Crescendo share First single “Repulsor” and announce album release

We are extremely happy to welcome Los Angeles dream-pop Crescendo in the music family of WWNBB! As premiered on Consequence of Sound, the band shares their first single “Repulsor”, where dreamy harmonies dance on shoegaze ground to perfection. Gregory Cole, Olive Kimoto and Jess Krichelle introduce themselves to us with an invitation to the dance-floor, and we can’t wait to listen to Unless, Crescendo’s full length announced for February 2016. Unless will be out on limited edition heavy splatter vinly, Cd and digital.

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