Save a tree, play WWNBB!

We are beyond excited about this compilation of songs by WWNBB played by old and new artists from We Were Never Being Boring. When we wrote everyone requesting a cover song, we couldn’t imagine the emotional ripple effect of the… Continue Reading

Burnt Palms – Kids on a Crime Spree – Cassingle split

We are very happy to announce the release of our first cassingle! A special split that includes Burnt Palms’s new single Fold, and Kids on a Crime Spree’ song The Karl Kardel Building. Under The Radar just premiered Burnt Plams’ single, off of… Continue Reading

Burnt Palms – The Girl You Knew

WWNBB#055 – The Girl You Knew by Burnt Palms  Seaside : a lovely town on the California coast, right next to Monterey. Here the sun shines high and winds sweep in from the ocean. Within these vast dunes and beaches is where… Continue Reading