BURNT PALMS – WWNB3 Live Session at SXSW

From the California coastal town of Seaside, all the way to Austin via SXSW, the three live videos brought to you today by WWNB3 feature Burnt Palms during a show at the Texas festival in March 2016. The band was a guest at the Carpark Records Showcase at Swan Dive–and anyone who was there can guarantee you it was a memorable night! The videos were filmed and edited by Yr First Crush and the audio was mixed by Alessandro Paderno. Courtesy of SXSW, Yr First Crush, Carpark Records, Swan Dive, and most importantly, Burnt Palms. Enjoy!

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Burnt Palms – Back On My Wall


Sometimes you hear about the syndrome of the “difficult third album”, but in this case the newest work unveiled by Seaside (CA) based Burnt Palms is their best work so far! Since we first hear the demo we immediately fell in love with it. If the previous The Girl You Knew thrived on the contrast between the compact sound of the garage guitars and the lightness of Riley’s voice (the preferred reference among reviewers has been the Dum Dum Girls), this time the writing shifted–pouring in indie-pop melodies and a predilection for faster rhythms. The work in its entirety acquires a character of spontaneous vitality and immediacy that closely resembles historical formations of the nineties, such as All Girl Summer Fun Band or Heavenly. Part of the credit for this sound probably goes to the engineering work done during the recordings by Gary Olson, founding member of The Ladybug Transistor and producer of bands like Crystal Stilts, Hamish Kilgour, Frankie Rose, Jens Lekman, and many more. Back on my Wall was recorded at Speakeasy Studio in San Francisco, but it’s on the east coast at Marlborough Farms in Brooklyn that it was finalized. Perhaps it’s in this double-character, split between the sunny beaches of California (for Burnt Palms surfing is not just an hobby!) and the urban bustle of the East Coast that lies the secret charm of the album. “It was nice to be back in the space where we recorded our first album, but this time we came with different gear. Clara, for once, recorded using her own vintage Ludwig kit, a desired change from the previous albums. Since Riley bought a new guitar to record The Girl You Knew in 2014, she did the same for this one, so a Fender Mustang Special pawn shop edition is what you hear from her on these recordings. Brian used his Squire Mustang Bass and Josh used his Gibson les Paul guitar.  Gary took the recordings back to Brooklyn to do the mixing and Ron Harrity took care of Mastering again for us.” Back On My Wall is available now on a special limited edition 12″ vinyl that includes the CD with the demo recordings for the album, and also on CD and digital.

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Nessuna classica sindrome del “difficile terzo album”, nel caso dei Burnt Palms! Anzi, con Back On My Wall la band di Seaside, non lontano da Monterey, ha realizzato il suo lavoro migliore di sempre. Se il precedente The Girl You Knew era in buona parte giocato sul contrasto tra il suono compatto delle chitarre garage rock e la leggerezza della voce di Christina Riley (paragone preferito nelle recensioni: Dum Dum Girls), questa volta in fase di scrittura si sono aggiunte una quantità di melodie di primaverile indie-pop e una predilezione per certi ritmi a rotta di collo. L’intero lavoro acquista così un carattere di spontanea vivacità e immediatezza che ricorda da vicino alcune storiche formazioni degli Anni Novanta, come All Girl Summer Fun Band oppure Heavenly. Parte del merito probabilmente è da cercare nell’intervento in fase di registrazione di Gary Olson, già fondatore dei leggendari Ladybug Transistor, e ora al lavoro come produttore per nomi del calibro di Crystal Stilts, Hamish Kilgour, Frankie Rose, Jens Lekman e parecchi altri. Back On My Wall è stato registrato allo Speakeasy Studio di San Francisco , ma poi è stato sull’altra costa, nei Malborough Studios di New York, che ha preso la sua forma attuale. Ed forse in questa sua doppia natura, tra le spiagge assolate della California (per i Burnt Palms il surf non è soltanto un passatempo) e la frenesia urbana della East Coast, con il suo spirito più amaro e tagliente, che risiede il segreto del fascino di questo disco. Così la band descrive la lavorazione di Back On My Wall: «È stato bello tornare nello stesso posto in cui avevamo registrato il nostro primo album, ma questa volta avevamo con noi un’attrezzatura diversa. La nostra batterista Clara, per una volta, ha potuto suonare e registrare con il proprio set vintage Ludwig, un cambiamento molto desiderato rispetto agli album precedenti. Dal momento che Riley aveva comprato una nuova chitarra per registrare The Girl You Knew nel 2014, ha fatto lo stesso per questo disco, e quindi una Fender Mustang Pawn Shop Special è quella che potete sentire in queste canzoni. Brian ha suonato come sempre il suo Squire Mustang Bass e Josh una Gibson Les Paul. Gary ha curato i mix ai suoi Marlborugh Farm Studios di Brooklyn, e Ron Harrity si è poi occupato della masterizzazione.» Back On My Wall è disponibile su vinile 12″ in edizione speciale e limitata che include il CD con le registrazioni dei demo dell’album, ed è anche disponibile su CD e digitale.

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Burnt Palms – Kids on a Crime Spree – Cassingle split


We are very happy to announce the release of our first cassingle! A special split that includes Burnt Palms’s new single Fold, and Kids on a Crime Spree’ song The Karl Kardel Building. Under The Radar just premiered Burnt Plams’ single, off of the new LP “Back On My Wall”, due out on February 5, 2016. You can listen to both songs and order the cassingle here:

WWNBB Night in San Francisco and Be Forest Tour

We are happy to announce our first WWNBB night in San Francisco, CA, on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern. The WWNBB night will coincide with Be Forest‘s kick-off of their 2nd US tour (dates below).  The line-up for the night will include Bay Area jammers Still Flyin’, and the beach garage of Burnt Palms! For the occasion we are offering a “plus 1” deal to the first 10 people buying tickets: you buy a ticket, and you get an extra one for a friend! But don’t worry if you miss this chance, for the first 30 people arriving at the show we are giving away music from our catalog, for free! You have no excuses now! Buy here your ticket for the WWNBB night on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern:


Be Forest US tour

05-03-2015 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (USA) – The Hemlock (w/Still Flyin’+Burnt Palms)

08-03-2015 LOS ANGELES, CA (USA) – The Echo (w/Vaniish+Intimatchine)

09-03-2015 SAN DIEGO, CA (USA) – The Hideout (w/Tennis System)

10-03-2015 PHOENIX, AZ (USA) – Obscura

12-03-2015 EL PASO, TX (USA) – Lowbrow Palace

15-03-2015 DENTON, TX (USA) – Dan Silverleaf – 35 Denton (9:45 pm)

18-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW Official Show @ Valhalla (12:00 am)

19-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ KVRX unofficial show

20-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ Music for Listeners (01:00 pm)

Burnt Palms – Isolation

If you missed the Impose premiere of Burnt Palms new music video for the song Isolation, here is your chance to catch up!

“The song was written at a time when I was really low and I had sort of isolated myself from everyone, mentally.  It was important for me to express what I was feeling visually to go along with the music. The endless backwards moving road, the dreamy streetlights and lonely shots of me walking alone…kind of hopeless and stuck in a way.”- Christina Riley (singer, guitarist and director)

Burnt Palms – The Girl You Knew

 Seaside : a lovely town on the California coast, right next to Monterey. Here the sun shines high and winds sweep in from the ocean. Within these vast dunes and beaches is where Burnt Palms is based, and in some way – for a miracle possible only on the West Coast -this intense light reflects into their music. Singer and guitarist Christina Riley had moved from Canada for surfing, and here started a band together with drummer Clara Nieto. At the beginning of 2012 Brian Dela Cruz joined the band on bass and at that point Burnt Palms took its final form. After the excellent self-titled debut which brought them to be noticed amidst the Bay Area scene, Burnt Palms are back with their sophomore album titled The Girl You Knew. An album in which the guitars tend to garage rock even more than in the past, but the melodies are even more dreamy . The contrasts between the noisy feedbacks and Christina’s clear voice is one of the keys to this record. More psychedelic and rough compared to names like Best Coast or Vivian Girls , but as well more pop than La Luz or The Mantles, with these eleven new songs Burnt Palms find their own way. And it’s a beautiful highway right along the ocean. The Girl You Knew is now available on 12″ vinyl and digital. It was recorded and mixed by Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) at Marlborough Farms in Brooklyn, and mastered by Ron Harrity at Peapod Recordings in Portland, ME. The record is available in the UK through Very Gun Records.

 Seaside: una graziosa cittadina sulla costa della California, poche miglia a nord di Monterey. Il sole splende alto e dall’oceano soffia una brezza primaverile. Il trio dei Burnt Palms fa base qui, tra queste dune e queste vaste spiagge, e in qualche modo – per un prodigio possibile solo sulla West Coast – questa luce intensa si riflette nella loro musica. La cantante e chitarrista Christina Riley si era trasferita dal Canada per fare surf. Al progetto musicale messo in piedi insieme alla batterista Clara Nieto si è aggiunto, all’inizio del 2012, il bassista Brian Dela Cruz, e a quel punto la band ha preso forma definitiva. Dopo l’eccellente debutto omonimo, che li aveva fatti notare come una band da tenere d’occhio nella pur fitta scena della Bay Area, i Burnt Palms tornano con un secondo album intitolato The Girl You Knew, dove le chitarre tendono ancora di più al garage rock ma le melodie si fanno ancora più sognanti. Il gioco di contrasti tra i feedback rumorosi, da un lato, e la voce limpida e distesa di Christina, dall’altro, è infatti una delle chiavi di lettura per questo disco. Più psichedelici e ruvidi di nomi come Best Coast o Vivian Girls, ma anche più pop delle La Luz o dei Mantles, con queste nuove undici canzoni i Burnt Palms trovano la loro personale strada. Ovviamente una di quelle magnifiche highway proprio davanti all’oceano. The Girl You Knew, disponibile in vinile 12″ e in digitale, è stato registrato e mixato da Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) al Marlborough Farms di Brooklyn, e masterizzato da Ron Harrity al Peapod Recordings di Portland, ME.



As The Bay Bridged announced yesterday, Burnt Palms will release their sophomore album via WWNBB. We are very happy to welcome Christina, Clara and Brian in our family and very excited to release their music. If you haven’t heard of Burnt Palms before, this is the perfect time to listen to Open My Eyes, first taste from The Girl You Knew, out May 26 on limited edition 12″ vinyl. Get ready!