Halfalib first single and vinyl pre-order

Halfalib is somewhat a mysterious presence who is unveiling little by little his musical existence. So far we know they’ll be at SXSW 2017 in Austin next March, and we can hear the band’s first single Arythmie Du Soleil, “a perfectly mellow single” described by For the Rabbits as “light jazzy percussion, unnerving electronics and warm, woozy saxophones [that] seem to wash in and out of earshot, as the vocal and the omnipresent piano, pick out a wistful melody. There’s a touch of Lionlimb or Chris Cohen in this articulate take on beautiful hazy-pop music.” We heard that the debut album, Malamocco, will be out on February 24th, and now we know as well that the record will be released on a very limited edition of 100 copies pressed on milky clear transparent vinyl! And guess what? Those 100 copies are now available for pre-order from our European and US bandcamp stores. I foresee a sell-out in 5…4…



Soda Fountain Rag – The Lost Levels


 There was a time of handmade music fanzine that came with a pin and a compilation on a cd-r in limited numbers, immediately disappeared with the first lucky ones to get to the show. And then music blogs of which the latest post dates back to the MySpace era and usually counted more authors than readers. Record labels that lasted the time of a love story. Indie-pop as a genre has a predilection for what’s ephemeral and fleeting, and Soda Fountain Rag throughout her whole career has been the essence of Indie-Pop from the first to the last note of her countless songs. Active since the beginning of the century, the Norwegian songwriter has published 4 full lengths and an unknown number of EP, singles and cd-r everywhere around the globe: Cloudberry Records, My Honey, Anorak, are just few of the cult label that released her music, without taking into account all the free downloads spread around the internet. Now just before releasing her new EP (scheduled for the beginning of 2017), Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl has decided to bring together all the songs that went “lost” in a chronologically organized album that goes from 2006 to 2013. Lo-fi is Soda’s philosophy, with the toy keyboards, her candid voice and the most immediate and happy melodies you can dream about, floating between Rough Bunnies and Moldy Peaches, as they are supposed to be. The Lost Levels is now available for digital download and streaming through all digital distributors and our Bandcamps linked below. Soda will unveil and talk about all the songs one by one as the most desirable advent-calendar from her facebook page.

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 Vecchie fanzine fatte a mano, poche decine di fotocopie che trovavi a qualche concerto, in regalo una spilletta e una compilation, subito sparite nel nulla. Blog musicali che contavano più autori che lettori, il cui ultimo post risale all’epoca di MySpace. Etichette discografiche nate in qualche cameretta e durate il tempo di una storia d’amore. L’indiepop sembra avere da sempre una speciale predilezione per l’effimero e il fugace, e Soda Fountain Rag, lungo tutta la sua carriera, ha incarnato l’indiepop dalla prima all’ultima nota delle sue innumerevoli canzoni. Attiva dalla metà degli Anni Duemila, la cantautrice norvegese ha pubblicato quattro album, e soprattutto una quantità di EP, singoli e cd-r da una parte all’altra dell’Oceano. Cloudberry Records, My Honey, Anorak, sono solo alcune delle storiche label su cui è apparsa la sua musica, senza contare i free download disseminati ai quattro angoli di internet. Ora, alla vigilia della pubblicazione del suo prossimo EP (prevista per l’inizio del 2017), Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl ha deciso di fare un po’ di ordine e riunire le sue canzoni “perdute” in un’antologia ordinata cronologicamente dal 2006 al 2013. Il lo-fi pop che è il suo marchio di fabbrica, le sue tastiere giocattolo, la sua voce candida e le melodie più felici e immediate che si possano sognare, sospese tra Rough Bunnies e Moldy Peaches, erano già tutte qui.  The Lost Levels è disponibile via download digitale e streaming attraverso tutti i distributori e dalle nostre pagine Bandcamp linkate qui sotto. Soda racconterà traccia per traccia tutte le canzoni di The Lost Levels come un dolcissimo calendario dell’avvento dalla sua pagina di facebook a partire da oggi

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Watch Dizzyride’s Young You – Preorder the 12″ Vinyl

With a stunning new video featuring Dizzyride‘s many faces through Zoë Kiefl capturing acting, the Brooklyn based duo tickles our appetite for more, which is a good reason why it’s the perfect time to pre-order the limited edition 12″ vinyl of the band’s self titled debut album out in January. The video filmed by Canadian director Angus Borsos and produced by Helium Castle was premiered via NOWNESS and features a chameleonic Kiefl who leaves us wondering and pushes us to re-play again and again, to get more details and get transported by the melody of the song.
Young You is the second single anticipating the release of the full length due out on January 20, 2017. The album is being pressed on a limited edition 12″ vinyl, and you can make sure to get your copy here:


DIZZYRIDE introduces debut album with “Soundtrack”

Brooklyn has been already for a few years the home for the duo Kiefl – Donà, names that you might recognize for their solo projects: Horrible Present for the Venetian crooner, and the homonymous Zoë Kiefl for the Canadian’s angelic voice. Together they are Dizzyride, and after a few songs and EPs they finally announced the release of their debut full length, due out on January 20th, 2017. Soundtrack is the first single previewing the self-titled album that includes as well a number of collaborations (Mary Lattimore and Kyle forester to mention a few). Press play, replay.

Giovanni Ferrario Alliance – WWNB3 session

Recorded in his hometown of Brescia (Italy) at Latteria Molloy, Giovanni Ferrario shows his on-stage experience with these three songs taken from his latest release Places Names Numbers. Piano, guitar, computer and Giovanni himself, for a taste of a captivating live show. Enjoy!


Giovanni Ferrario Alliance – Places Names Numbers


 During every real journey comes a moment when you wonder how it would be to live in the place that you have travelled to and where you are beginning to feel acquainted with. And you catch yourself wondering if you are meant to be there at that precise moment: “I feel it’s the right time for me to figure out / if this is the place where I belong”. Giovanni Ferrario expresses that feeling in the music and lyrics of Places Names Numbers, an album that gradually unveils like a map, dotted with names of cities and countries, from Bristol to Cecina, from Africa to Australia. The landscapes pass by and Ferrario collects each fragment of the trip in his diary of names and numbers: a bus at four in the morning, the casual confident gesture of a girl,the road down to the bay, the depth of a friendship revealed unexpectedly. “These memories are never revived with nostalgia, a feeling that I don’t want to let in” confides Ferrario. And so this record develops and gains speed dot after dot after dot on the map: it goes from the indie-rock of He Fell to the rarefied electronic atmospheres of Where To Go; from Oaxaca’s sophisticated  pop to the summery upbeat rhythms of Wish 33rd, and among elegant arrangements and new directions finds place as well the cover of Costa, written by Robert Wyatt and his wife Alfreda Benge. This album ends up looking like a long road, full of questions and unpredicted events, but we know that Ferrario is a guide of great experience on which we can rely. Producer, musician and author, Ferrario has worked on many albums both in Italy and abroad (among others, those of  PJ Harvey & John Parish, Rokia Traoré, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, Scisma, Morgan, GuruBanana, Sepiatone, Hugo Race & The True Spirit). His musical career began in the 80s with the project Views, continued in the second half of the 90s with Micevice, and evolved in the 2008 release by his name, titled Headquarter Delirium. In recent years he has worked primarily as a producer, but continuing to writing songs, some of which have found space in Places Names Numbers, an album released as Giovanni Ferrario Alliance, to emphasize the variety of fellow travelers that characterize the sound of the record. Places Names Numbers is available on a beautiful CD digipack, digital, and black 12″ Vinyl (this last version does not include the cover “Costa”).

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 Dentro ogni viaggio, se è un vero viaggio, arriva quel momento in cui ti domandi come sarebbe vivere nel luogo che hai raggiunto e che stai cominciando a conoscere. Ti chiedi se magari non è quello il luogo a cui appartiene davvero la tua vita. “I feel it’s the right time for me to figure out / if this is the place where I belong” canta Giovanni Ferrario, quasi alla conclusione di questo suo nuovo album, Places Names Numbers. Un disco che diventa via via una mappa, costellata di nomi di città e paesi, da Bristol a Cecina, dall’Africa all’Australia. Scorrono i paesaggi e il personaggio che narra tutte queste storie raccoglie nel suo diario di nomi e numeri ogni volta un frammento o una luce: un autobus alle quattro del mattino, il gesto casuale e pieno di invidiabile confidenza di una ragazza, una strada che scende verso la baia, la profondità di un’amicizia che si rivela in un attimo quasi inaspettato. “Ricordi, mai rivissuti con nostalgia, sentimento al quale sono refrattario”, confida Ferrario. E così l’itinerario di questo disco si arricchisce dopo ogni tappa: si passa dall’indie rock di He Fell alle rarefatte atmosfere elettroniche di Where To Go; dal pop sofisticato di Oaxaca ai ritmi quasi estivi e in levare di Wish 33rd, e tra arrangiamenti eleganti e passaggi tutti da esplorare trova posto una anche cover di Robert Wyatt e sua moglie Alfreda Benge, Costa. Questo disco finisce per assomigliare a una lunga strada, piena di domande e imprevisti, ma sappiamo che Ferrario è una guida su cui possiamo contare, di grande esperienza. Produttore, musicista e autore, Ferrario ha lavorato alla realizzazione di molti album sia in Italia che all’estero (tra gli altri, quelli di Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, PJ Harvey & John Parish, Scisma, Morgan, GuruBanana, Sepiatone, Hugo Race & The True Spirit). La sua carriera musicale, iniziata negli anni ’80 con il progetto Views, è proseguita nella seconda metà dei ’90 con la fondazione dei Micevice, mentre è del 2008 la pubblicazione dell’esordio solista dal titolo Headquarter Delirium. Negli ultimi anni ha lavorato soprattutto come produttore artistico, continuando a scrivere molti brani, parte dei quali ha trovato spazio dentro questo Places Names Numbers, disco che esce a nome Giovanni Ferrario Alliance, a sottolineare la varietà dei compagni di viaggio e di incontri che questa musica porta con sé. Places Names Numbers è disponibile in CD digipack, download digitale, e vinile nero 12″ (versione senza la cover “Costa”).

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BURNT PALMS – WWNB3 Live Session at SXSW

From the California coastal town of Seaside, all the way to Austin via SXSW, the three live videos brought to you today by WWNB3 feature Burnt Palms during a show at the Texas festival in March 2016. The band was a guest at the Carpark Records Showcase at Swan Dive–and anyone who was there can guarantee you it was a memorable night! The videos were filmed and edited by Yr First Crush and the audio was mixed by Alessandro Paderno. Courtesy of SXSW, Yr First Crush, Carpark Records, Swan Dive, and most importantly, Burnt Palms. Enjoy!

or go to the “BURNT PALMS WWNB3” vimeo album

Weird Black – “Our Lies Are True” Video and album free download

Rome’s Weird Black is a never ending bucket of surprises, and they show it once more with a psychedelically contemporary video for the song Our Lies Are True, another gem extracted from their debut album Hy Brazil, out a few months ago and with just a bunch of copies left for you to grab. The band has been busy lately recording the sophomore album planned for early 2017, and still playing shows around Europe. Here the next dates if you are lucky enough to be close to any of those cities:

13 October – Seregno (MI-Italy) @ Honnky Tonky
14 October – Strasbourg (FRANCE) @ Le Local
15 October – Vagney (FRANCE) @ L’Estaminet
19 October – Besançon (FRANCE) @ Bains Douches
21 October – Landau (GERMANY) @ Fatal

And as a token for your moral support and the 3 minutes you spent watching the video, the album Hy Brazil will be available on free download for a week!!



With an already considerable number of shows played since the release of the band’s first album “Born in the Woods” and the debut at SXSW earlier this year, BIRTHH continues touring and announces a full fall tour, with more dates to be added soon. Mark your calendars!

07-October-2016 BORGO SAN DALMAZZO (CN – ITALY) – Encode Festival
14-October-2016 RIMINI (ITALY) – Altro Mondo Studios
03-November-2016 MILANO (ITALY) – Cascina Torrette di Trenno @ Mare Culturale Urbano
04-November-2016 ABANO TERME (PD – ITALY) – Laboratorio Culturale I’M
05-November-2016 FIRENZE (ITALY) – Glue
06-November-2016 PARATICO (BS – ITALY) – Belleville Rendez Vous
10-November-2016 COSENZA (ITALY) – Caffè Librairie
11-November-2016 CATANIA (ITALY) – Weak
12-November-2016 MESSINA (ITALY) – Retronouveau
13-November-2016 PALERMO (ITALY) – Fabrica 102
16-November-2016 PERUGIA (ITALY) – 100dieci
19-November-2016 BOLOGNA (ITALY) – Covo
20-November-2016 SANTA MARIA A VICO (CE – ITALY) – SMAV
26-November-2016 VANNES (FRANCE) – Echonova
28-November-2016 KOLN (GERMANY) – Underground
30-November-2016 FUERSTENWALDE (GERMANY) – Club Im Park
01-December-2016 CHEMNITZ (GERMANY) – Odradek’s Nest
02-December–2016 LEIPZIG (GERMANY) – Wärmehalle
05-December-2016 DORTMUND (GERMANY) – FZW
06-December-2016 LUXEMBOURG (LUXEMBOURG) – Rotondes
07-December-2016 PARIS (FRANCE) – Ciao Gnari Enoteca Italiana
17-December-2016 TORINO (ITALY) – El Barrio
23-December-2016 RAVENNA (ITALY) – Bronson @ Passatelli in Bronson
07-January-2017 SORESINA (CR – ITALY) – Sound