WWNBB @ SXSW – our label’s showcase in Austin

We bet that among the “5 things you didn’t expect from SXSW 2017” there will soon be a “Wait a second: did you say this stuff is from Italy?” – The showcase of a small independent record label curiously called We Were Never Being Boring will show you a side of Italy – and in a broader way an approach to music – you didn’t know could exist around the boot.

Friday, March 17th at The Sidewinder (inside), We Were Never Being Boring collective (aka WWNBB) presents six bands that will bring a great deal of good music, from indie-rock to electronic, from psychedelic lo-fi to indie-pop, and everything in between: a little festival inside the festival!

BIRTHH (https://www.facebook.com/birthhofficial)
Alice Bisi debuted her project at SXSW 2016 when she was not even allowed to see half of the shows because of her then 19 years of age. Since that first appearance she has been continuously playing shows, bringing her music to many prestigious European festivals (Ment, Eurosonic, Ypsigrock, to name a few). In March, she’s going to be back in Austin for SXSW 2017 amidst a year that is already full of unwinding surprises. The debut album Born in the Woods has received international praise, due to its’ breathtaking lyrics and vibrating sounds–a recipe for becoming completely absorbed in the songs.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UblL3uxZYI
Live: http://concert.arte.tv/fr/birthh-au-festival-eurosonic?language=fr
Streaming: https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-078-born-in-the-woods

Dizzyride (http://www.dizzyride.com)
Nicola and Zoë live in Brooklyn where their paths met a few years back. She comes from Montreal, Canada; he is from Venice, Italy. This is their first project together and their music can be described as lo-fi dream pop. Their songs are the perfect soundtrack to those endless nights in which you meet tons of incredible people and in your head are already writing a movie about all of them. Dizzyride just released their eponymous debut album and they are at the moment on tour in the US.
Video: https://youtu.be/WLaIZqol3Qg
Streaming: https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-083-dizzyride

Echopark (https://www.facebook.com/theechopark)
Antonio Elia Forte lives in London, but his Mediterranean roots are vibrant in his passionate and at times euphoric way to face and dismantle synth-pop’s standard forms, and, while doing so, riding along walls of guitars built layer after layer after layer… Antonio is restless and never stops playing, reinventing, pushing the boundaries, and having fun. His sophomore album, Ties, out on March 10th, is a perfect gem that couldn’t debut on a better stage than that of SXSW.
Video:  https://youtu.be/DaolFvEcL7E
Streaming: https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-085-ties

Weird Black (https://www.facebook.com/weirdblackband)
This four piece from Rome plays a joyous psych-pop with a great passion for the Beatles and the Canterbury scene. Captain Luca Di Cataldo is a never ending volcano of ideas and songs, and while he is finalizing with Don Bolles (Ariel Pink, The Germs) the band’s sophomore album, set for release in the spring, it looks like there’s more and more urgent songs coming out right before SXSW. We couldn’t be happier to be facing the incoming spring with more surrealistic songs!
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ResJ_dNA0g
Streaming: https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-071-hy-brazil

Halfalib (https://www.facebook.com/halfalib)
Marco Giudici might be a familiar face to some, for his bass playing with the band Any Other, but his solo project Halfalib is still somewhat mysterious even if the tracks are already scattered across the web and the physical album is on its way to the stores. Halfalib’s music floats between Chris Cohen and Mercury Rev inside a shiny cloud of its’ own, still transforming and doused with mystery.
Streaming: https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-084-malamocco)

TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER! (https://www.facebook.com/wearetstt)
We are long time admirers of this band even though it’s not part of our label-family (they have released with the awesome To Lose La Track and MiaCameretta Records), we are very excited they will be joining us to bring on stage their indie-rock à la Sonic Youth / Dinosaur Jr. A perfect energy shaker condensed in a 40 minutes set, like their latest album “Corners”, should be played cranked up to volume 11!
Video: https://youtu.be/eCqlLpCGskA
Streaming: https://miacameretta.bandcamp.com/album/tiger-shit-tiger-tiger-corners

Polaroid DJ (https://www.facebook.com/polaroidallaradio)
Enzo Baruffaldi, from his hometown of Bologna, curates since 2001 the indie music blog “polaroid” (the nod is to Douglas Coupland’s “Polaroids From The Dead” and Belle & Sebastian’s “Ink Polaroids”, not the camera…) and a weekly radio show on Radio Città del Capo. In 2014, a survey conducted by Styleofsound.com included polaroid in the list of the “100 most influential blogs worldwide”. He wrote for Rolling Stone and various other magazines and webzines. When he djs he usually mixes indiepop and Northern Soul, and basically spends the entire set going back and forth from the dancefloor.
Blog: www.polaroid.blogspot.com
Podcast: https://polaroidpodcast.wordpress.com/

The beautiful artwork used for the poster is by artist Denis Riva, masterfully arranged graphically by Rossella Merighi.

Halfalib – Malamocco

WWNBB#084 - Malamocco by Halfalib

 Halfalib is Marco Giudici‘s solo project, debuting with the stunning Malamocco, an album able to surprise and excite with its dreamy atmospheres, sonic experimentations and sweet pop. Eight unpredictable tracks that can bring to mind the likes of Mercury Rev and Chris Cohen, with an approach to music that seems without limitations and can blend the warmth of a saxophone with the more direct electronics – clear pianos in a whirlwind of samples, lush strings that seem stolen from a sci-fi soundtrack and lo-fi divertissements. “I tired to write Malamocco without any pre-set boundary, but at the same time with an homogeneous sound. Adele Nigro (from the band Any Other in which Marco plays bass) has been a determining figure while writing the album, both from an emotional and a practical point of view; despite her unconventional half-in half-out role, the added brains and soul of this album are hers. Mattia Savelli took care of the graphics and has been a great help. With him I share ideas and approach; we often found each other thinking alike despite coming from different experiences as he doesn’t come from the music world. Niccolò Fornabaio at the drums, and Roberto Dibitonto at the saxophone added an incredible lot the the parts that I wrote but were left open to interpretation; they really out their heart in the interpretation  and you can definitely hear that on the album.”

“Halfalib is simply who I am, a 25 year old introvert born and raised in Milan, Italy. Malamocco is an album about high density emotional communication, of conflicting egos and their outcomes, with the outside world and with oneself. From the extreme of feeling lost , without an anchor, alienated from all the aspect of one’s personality, to the opposite of having a strong ego, being an anchor, following the instinct.”

Malamocco is out now on a very limited edition of 100 copies 12″ pressed on milky clear vinyl,  and digitally via your favorite streaming or download service.

Listen / Buy the album [EU]

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  Marco Giudici, già bassista degli Any Other, esordisce con un album solista a nome Halfalib che stupisce ed emoziona, tra sperimentazioni soniche, atmosfere sognanti e improvvise dolcezze pop. Mercury Rev e Chris Cohen sono tra i primi nomi che vengono in mente mentre ci si perde dentro queste otto imprevedibili tracce. Un’idea di musica che non si pone limiti, e che sa raccogliere e conciliare dentro di sé tanto i suoni caldi di un sassofono quanto l’elettronica più algida; limpidi pianoforti e l’accatastarsi turbinoso dei campionamenti; archi sontuosi che sembrano rubati a colonne sonore sci-fi e divertissement a bassa fedeltà. «Per scrivere Malamocco ho cercato di non pormi alcun tipo di limite, ma allo stesso tempo la mia volontà era quella di ottenere un suono omogeneo. Adele Nigro (Any Other), è stata una figura fondamentale per la realizzazione di questo disco, sia per un aspetto emotivo e motivazionale, che per uno strettamente pratico. Ha avuto un ruolo poco convenzionale, a metà tra esterno ed interno, ma se c’è un’altra testa e anima in questo disco è la sua. Mattia Savelli, che ha curato il contenuto grafico, è stato di grande supporto. Con lui condivido, talvolta in modo speculare, gusti e approccio, e ci siamo trovati su uno stesso piano ideale, pur venendo da strade diverse. Non è un musicista e il suo punto di vista è sempre stato prezioso perché scevro da una serie di minuzie che si rivelano essere poco importanti, a conti fatti. Essenziale è stato l’apporto di Niccolò Fornabaio e Roberto Dibitonto, rispettivamente batterista e sassofonista. Hanno eseguito parti scritte da me, che lasciavano però spazio ad ampi momenti di libera interpretazione. Ci hanno messo il cuore nel suonare ciò che gli era stato chiesto, ed è una cosa che personalmente ho percepito e apprezzato molto, e credo che nel disco si possa sentire.»

«Halfalib fondamentalmente sono io, una persona piuttosto introversa di 25 anni, nata e cresciuta a Milano. Malamocco è un disco che parla di comunicazione ad alta densità emotiva, con l’esterno e con se stessi, di ego conflittuali e della loro risultante. Dall’estremo del perdere contatto con se stessi, essere senza un’ancora, sentirsi alienati da uno o da tutti gli aspetti della propria personalità, a quello di avere un forte senso di sé, essere la propria ancora, stare bene con il proprio istinto.»

Malamocco è disponibile in edizione limitata a 100 copie stampato su vinile 12″ milky clear, e in digitale su tutte le piattaforme di streaming e download.

Listen / Buy the album [EU]

Listen / Buy the album [US]

Love Letter to Science from Halfalib

Halfalib just dropped the new single Love Letter to Science, off of the band’s debut Malamocco, set for release on February 24th and available for pre-order on a limited edition (100 copies) milky clear 12″ vinyl.




Here’s how the always accurate Impose Magazine describes it: “Love Letter To Science” exhibits what could be the soundtrack to future episodes of “Nova” where accumulated arrays of synths & murmuring electronic instruments lead the way to Halfalib’s big build up of expression that pushes for a human connection beyond the binary sequences & algorithmic equations.

Echopark drops new single “End” – Announces new album

London based Echopark fills the gap between his debut Trees and the sophomore Ties with the stunning single End; a jaw-dropping hymn that starts out precise to an almost methodic degree, explodes in an epic chorus and evolves into a sonic mash of a finale. End anticipates Echopark’s second album Ties, out on March 10,  released digitally and on a limited edition transparent blue vinyl that you can pre-order from our European and North American stores while listening to the song!

Dizzyride – WWNB3 Session

Brooklyn based duo Dizzyride is formed by Nicola Donà (The Calorifer Is Very Hot! / Horrible Present) and Montreal born Zoë Kiefl, couple in art and in life. The three songs recorded for this session are taken from their self-titled debut album. Enjoy!

For the Vimeo album go to: “DIZZYRIDE – WWNB3 SESSION”

OUT NOW! Dizzyride

 The night tale of a saxophone intertwines with layers of synths and gets animated almost without rhythm, all while an angelic voice floats between dark and dawn lost among reverbs and lost into the wind blowing from the sea: it’s from this grey area that it all squares off perfectly! Soundtrack, the opener for Dizzyride‘s eponymous debut states “No such thing as homeless in nowhere land”: it’s a feeling we won’t be able to forget for the rest of the album – the certainty that anywhere we are and anywhere we’ll be, love will cross any boundaries and will always be stronger than solitude, uncertainties, and time. “Every moment will be what it should be / We exist in ways beyond our control / Every moment we shared has been mystical” as sung in Young You, could be an ascetic dazed predicament, and instead it is the frank and overwhelming instant that captures one of those precious and rare flashes of absolute lucidity, where the simple wonder of finding themselves alive aligns and equates all we have always known and chosen to believe. It’s amazing to be able to witnessing such a majestic thing and transfer it to music and lyrics – “Going back to the one I adore / Shining bright like a star / He is near when I am far” (Candy Lullaby). Dizzyride’s sound re-invents and summarizes influences that take from minimalistic-pop, psychedelia, afro-beat, disco, electronic lo-fi and soul music in ten delicate songs that can’t find similarities among contemporaries. Once every now and then, music introduces itself with a pulsing vibrancy that can move us. Dizzyride are Nicola Donà (The Calorifer Is Very Hot! / Horrible Present) and Montreal born Zoë Kiefl, couple in art and in life: they live, rise their daughter, compose and record in Brooklyn. This is their first album, available digitally from every platform and on a limited edition 12″ vinyl from our stores.

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 Il racconto notturno di un sassofono si intreccia a luminosi tappeti di synth, animandosi quasi senza ritmo, mentre una voce angelica fluttua, si immerge e riaffiora, tra il buio e l’alba, persa tra riverberi e vento che soffia dal mare: dal chiaroscuro, tutto si accende in un’inquadratura perfetta. “No such thing as homeless in nowhere land”, proclama Soundtrack, la canzone che apre l’eponimo album d’esordio dei Dizzyride. È una sensazione che non ci scrolleremo più di dosso per tutta la durata del disco: la certezza che, ovunque staremo andando, l’amore conterà più di muri e confini, sarà sempre più forte della solitudine, delle nostre incertezze di un’ora, e anche del tempo che ci passa addosso. “Supersonic, amour fou”, ripete Jungle Mix. “Every moment will be what it should be / We exist in ways beyond our control / Every moment we shared has been mystical” (da Young You): potrebbe sembrare il comizio ebbro di un asceta in stato confusionale, e invece è la schietta e travolgente istantanea che cattura uno di quei preziosi e rari lampi di assoluta lucidità, in cui il semplice stupore di ritrovarsi a vivere allinea e fa coincidere tutto quello che abbiamo sempre saputo e scelto in fondo ai nostri pensieri. È straordinario osservare da tanto vicino un fenomeno così maestoso, poterlo sfiorare in forma di canzoni e di parole d’amore. “Going back to the one I adore / Shining bright like a star / He is near when I am far” (Candy Lullaby). Il suono dei Dizzyride trasforma e distilla influenze di pop minimalista, tradizione psichedelica, disco afro- beat, elettronica lo-fi e soul music in dieci delicate composizioni che esulano dalle affinità con altri nomi contemporanei. Una volta tanto, la musica si presenta a noi con una verità palpitante, che fa quasi commuovere. I Dizzyride sono Nicola Donà (The Calorifer Is Very Hot! / Horrible Present) e Zoë Kiefl, cantautrice originaria di Montreal. Coppia nell’arte e nella vita dal 2014, risiedono a Brooklyn, dove hanno registrato due EP. Questo è il loro primo album disponibile in digitale su tutte le piatteforme e su vinile 12″ in tiratura limitata sui nostri store.

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Halfalib first single and vinyl pre-order

Halfalib is somewhat a mysterious presence who is unveiling little by little his musical existence. So far we know they’ll be at SXSW 2017 in Austin next March, and we can hear the band’s first single Arythmie Du Soleil, “a perfectly mellow single” described by For the Rabbits as “light jazzy percussion, unnerving electronics and warm, woozy saxophones [that] seem to wash in and out of earshot, as the vocal and the omnipresent piano, pick out a wistful melody. There’s a touch of Lionlimb or Chris Cohen in this articulate take on beautiful hazy-pop music.” We heard that the debut album, Malamocco, will be out on February 24th, and now we know as well that the record will be released on a very limited edition of 100 copies pressed on milky clear transparent vinyl! And guess what? Those 100 copies are now available for pre-order from our European and US bandcamp stores. I foresee a sell-out in 5…4…



Soda Fountain Rag – The Lost Levels


 There was a time of handmade music fanzine that came with a pin and a compilation on a cd-r in limited numbers, immediately disappeared with the first lucky ones to get to the show. And then music blogs of which the latest post dates back to the MySpace era and usually counted more authors than readers. Record labels that lasted the time of a love story. Indie-pop as a genre has a predilection for what’s ephemeral and fleeting, and Soda Fountain Rag throughout her whole career has been the essence of Indie-Pop from the first to the last note of her countless songs. Active since the beginning of the century, the Norwegian songwriter has published 4 full lengths and an unknown number of EP, singles and cd-r everywhere around the globe: Cloudberry Records, My Honey, Anorak, are just few of the cult label that released her music, without taking into account all the free downloads spread around the internet. Now just before releasing her new EP (scheduled for the beginning of 2017), Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl has decided to bring together all the songs that went “lost” in a chronologically organized album that goes from 2006 to 2013. Lo-fi is Soda’s philosophy, with the toy keyboards, her candid voice and the most immediate and happy melodies you can dream about, floating between Rough Bunnies and Moldy Peaches, as they are supposed to be. The Lost Levels is now available for digital download and streaming through all digital distributors and our Bandcamps linked below. Soda will unveil and talk about all the songs one by one as the most desirable advent-calendar from her facebook page.

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 Vecchie fanzine fatte a mano, poche decine di fotocopie che trovavi a qualche concerto, in regalo una spilletta e una compilation, subito sparite nel nulla. Blog musicali che contavano più autori che lettori, il cui ultimo post risale all’epoca di MySpace. Etichette discografiche nate in qualche cameretta e durate il tempo di una storia d’amore. L’indiepop sembra avere da sempre una speciale predilezione per l’effimero e il fugace, e Soda Fountain Rag, lungo tutta la sua carriera, ha incarnato l’indiepop dalla prima all’ultima nota delle sue innumerevoli canzoni. Attiva dalla metà degli Anni Duemila, la cantautrice norvegese ha pubblicato quattro album, e soprattutto una quantità di EP, singoli e cd-r da una parte all’altra dell’Oceano. Cloudberry Records, My Honey, Anorak, sono solo alcune delle storiche label su cui è apparsa la sua musica, senza contare i free download disseminati ai quattro angoli di internet. Ora, alla vigilia della pubblicazione del suo prossimo EP (prevista per l’inizio del 2017), Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl ha deciso di fare un po’ di ordine e riunire le sue canzoni “perdute” in un’antologia ordinata cronologicamente dal 2006 al 2013. Il lo-fi pop che è il suo marchio di fabbrica, le sue tastiere giocattolo, la sua voce candida e le melodie più felici e immediate che si possano sognare, sospese tra Rough Bunnies e Moldy Peaches, erano già tutte qui.  The Lost Levels è disponibile via download digitale e streaming attraverso tutti i distributori e dalle nostre pagine Bandcamp linkate qui sotto. Soda racconterà traccia per traccia tutte le canzoni di The Lost Levels come un dolcissimo calendario dell’avvento dalla sua pagina di facebook a partire da oggi

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Watch Dizzyride’s Young You – Preorder the 12″ Vinyl

With a stunning new video featuring Dizzyride‘s many faces through Zoë Kiefl capturing acting, the Brooklyn based duo tickles our appetite for more, which is a good reason why it’s the perfect time to pre-order the limited edition 12″ vinyl of the band’s self titled debut album out in January. The video filmed by Canadian director Angus Borsos and produced by Helium Castle was premiered via NOWNESS and features a chameleonic Kiefl who leaves us wondering and pushes us to re-play again and again, to get more details and get transported by the melody of the song.
Young You is the second single anticipating the release of the full length due out on January 20, 2017. The album is being pressed on a limited edition 12″ vinyl, and you can make sure to get your copy here: