a/lpaca – Make it Better

Centered around the concept of “beat” and its imaginary “beat club”, Make it Better is the sensational debut album by a/lpaca, a four piece formed by Christian Bindelli (vocals and guitar), Andrea Verrastro (bass), Andrea Fantuzzi (keys), and Andrea Sordi… Continue Reading

Cry Your Little Heart Out – 20 years of ANT

 Among all the anniversaries and celebrations of this 2019, there is one very dear to WWNBB: the 20 years of solo career for singer-songwriter ANT – the moniker behind Antony Harding. Two decades in which ANT has published a number… Continue Reading

Save a tree, play WWNBB!

We are beyond excited about this compilation of songs by WWNBB played by old and new artists from We Were Never Being Boring. When we wrote everyone requesting a cover song, we couldn’t imagine the emotional ripple effect of the… Continue Reading