Twin Room

twin room by Beatrice Imperato

Twin Room are two friends. Born in the 80s, they have always been involved in music. Luca starts when he’s not even a teenager playing with synths, while Bart strums rock assiduously since High School. Involved independently in project like Cosmetic, Fitness Pump and Not an Exit, in 2012 they start working together. They start sharing song’s ideas almost as a joke and in a few months they are on stage as Twin Room, name that metaphorically represents what they are: a double room with separate beds/the same experience with much different backgrounds. With the release of their first EP “Boda” they jump in the mouth of the electro-music market (under the section “chill-wave-emo-hop”). After good response from music-zines things get interesting with the release of other songs, tours, and the collaboration with Sin/Cos that will bring to the release in 2013 of a 3-songs EP called Tripgaze Triangle. And finally HINT, Twin Room’s first full length album released via WWNBB.

twin room live 2013




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