The Sleeps

Born from two lifelong friendships and one high school Spanish class, Oakland California’s The Sleeps deliver both an explosive hit of nostalgia to the jaded old punks and indie heads and a fresh wave of passion and bizarre spectacle to the disillusioned young folk. This four-piece outfit of wildly good-looking, but otherwise completely untalented, musicians consists of guitarists Gabe Wall and Finn Capurro-Durkee, drummer Toby Darci-Maher, and bassist Jonah Lounds. All four members contribute vocals, lending a greater variety to their sound. When everything goes right, they express in their music a rambunctious and impatient feeling evocative of youthful existence (much in the vein of The Replacements, just a little less drunk).

The Sleeps are perhaps best known in the Bay Area scene for their frenetic live performances, which put on full display both their physical endurance and a fu**in’ huge catalog of original songs. While their earliest material seeks to emulate their live sound, expect to hear more sonic (the hedgehog) experimentation as they step into the digital world!