I was strumming first A then D, moving my little finger a bit, and it was the riff of All I Want is You, my favourite song out of Rattle and Hum, the only cassette I brought with me to that strange holiday.

Fabio had a cassette with Exploited on one side and Dead Kennedys on the other. The track list was handwritten – with clear beautiful capital letters. It was a cassette his cousin got recorded by a punk schoolfellow in Zürich. Dead Kennedys reminded me for some reason of the Three Penny Opera and so I was saying things like ‘Wow we will play stuff like this, old European music’, a sentence I read in Mucchio Selvaggio in an interview with a guy from Camper Van Beethoven.

In the evening, after visiting another army camp turned into socialist youth hostel, I was strumming A and D, moving my little finger a bit to play the riff of All I Want is You and Fabio was playing the mouth harp on top. The Müritz lake was too cold to get in, but the beach offered us the freedom we needed. Around us people were kissing, skinny deep swimming; some were listening to us for a while, until they understood that the riff was all I could play.

We knew that back from that holiday we would start a band, our first band, we only had to find a singer and a bass-player.