Prim announces new album, releases single “bathtub”

There is a leitmotif that connects the past and the future, and likewise there is a connectionbetween the songs by Prim, nickname and project-with-band of the Italian songwriter Irene Pignatti, announcing the debut album when monday comes, out on January 14th, 2022 via WWNBB.

According to Prim, “The album was written during the pandemic, which deprived us of physical and social contacts, leaving us waiting for a better future. And the connection between the songs is precisely “the wait”: waiting for someone, waiting for something, waiting for a moment. The album, named after the song by the same title, is symbolic and underlines the fact that, after Sunday, there will always be another day, another tomorrow. The songs alternate past experiences, which are left behind, and experiences just undertaken, with an unknown destiny“.

But the wait is over for Prim, who after the 2020’s EP Before You Leave are now at the turning point with their first full length, anticipated today by the song bathtub: “It is a song born after two weeks of writing at night, and ironically I finished it at three in the morning in the shower, the most isolated spot in my house. bathtub is the love song on the record, the most sincere one. It talks about the fear of being abandoned and forgotten“.

bathtub is now available on all digital platforms and via our Bandcamp pages.