WWNBB Never Boring Lounge

It is a very difficult moment on so many levels, that we find it impossible to fully express our support to the people affected by these troubling times. Without forgetting about all the categories of people affected out there, we would like to take a minute to think about those in the music world who find themselves on shaky ground, both financially and psychologically.
Cancellations of concerts and events like SXSW intensified a situation that has already taken a toll on tours and releases. WWNBB’s Flamingo, for example, released their debut album Komorebi a couple of weeks ago– but have seen their tour cancelled, while Altre di B held off from a single release and postponed their new album till better times, just to mention a couple of instances.
During these hard times, we would like to band together and honor the essence of the word “collective” by standing side by side, as much as we can, in any way we can. Moved by our passion now more than ever, we are going to join the streaming of concerts with a series called WWNBB Never Boring Lounge , during the week of March 16 to the 21 from our Instagram page www.instagram.com/wwnbbcollective

These shows aim to be a way to keep each other company while at home …we miss seeing you… Soon we’ll be able to play and enjoy live music again, but for now, see you from the screen and stay safe!

WWNBB Collective