Quae Carcaju in Auroro Borealo’s visual interpretation of Weird Bloom’s single

Weird Bloom always seem to find new ways to surprise — and this new video for Quae Carcaju fits their standard and leaves us guessing “WTF????”. But let’s try and put things in contest: “the central part of the video was filmed in a Tokyo arcade by Auroro Borealo, while trying to win a giant Super Mario puppet without realizing that it had just been won by the guy before him. In the upper left corner: a Japanese imitator of Michael Jackson in slow motion. Top right: Super Mario Wacky Worlds, a psychedelic Super Mario game never officially released. In the lower left: Luca The King, a complete Sboretor artist, while he says dirty things in slow-motion. Lower right: the animatronics of a pterodactyl that moves imperceptibly”. Makes perfect sense, right?
Quae Carcaju is available online and (also on vinyl) in Weird Bloom’s latest album Blisstonia.