Soda Fountain Rag – Keep My Headphones On

We are very happy to partner up with Kocliko Records to bring you Soda Fountain Rag‘s latest EP – Keep My Headphones On. “There is actually a common theme for 4 of the songs…I had not thought about this until today!” – Soda’s Ragnhild explains – “The theme being friendship–where both Turn Left and You and I are about getting your best friend back, while Where Did We Go talks of friends that disappear and fade away, and The Words Disappear is about friends who are staying even though you are “a bit problematic”. I Keep My Headphones On is however a sincere plea to be left alone when wearing headphones in public places–this theme of course became even more pressing after that horrible article about “how to talk to girls wearing headphones” went around the internet a while ago.
Four of the songs from this EP are from 2016; they were written after I got back from the London Popfest show. Turn Left and You and I are very colored specifically because they were written at that particular time, and they show a positivity that might have been missing from my song-writing for a while. The Words Disappear dates back to 2010 – one of those that I thought would benefit from a proper recording.
Keep My Headphones On was recorded in October 2016 in Brescia, Italy, but this time Moa joined us — meaning that this EP is the first recording with the new full band. YAY! Andrea Vescovi took care of the recordings freeing Ale (Paderno) from the double task of the musician engineer. I had an absolutely fantastic time!”

Keep My Headphones On is now available in the US on a limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital.

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