Tree T-shirts – Donations to the National Park Service

If there is anything that we love more than listening to music, it’s listening to music while hiking in a park or relaxing under a tree. Soaking in the surrounding nature gives a different feel to the music, and makes us feel more in tune…We love nature and we appreciate those who work for protecting it: that’s why we are very happy to donate the income from the sales of our new t-shirts to the National Park Service. We came up with the design after hearing news that the NPS took a stand in a moment that undermined its own existence. Our crafty Roxi was able to translate our vision into a beautiful hand-printed t-shirt. The t-shirts are printed one-by-one in just a few combinations of colors (see pictures for an idea) but don’t be shy–order as many as you want and share them with your friends. We’d be happy to spend our days getting our hands colorful for a cause we believe in.

In times when non-clever actions can result in global consequences we remain strong believers in the butterfly effect…

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