BIRTHH shares haunting video for CHLORINE – announces tour

The first instant replay comes automatically, at first you can’t even tell wether for the video or the song, and the more you keep pressing play over and over, the less you get closer to an answer. The music video for BIRTHH‘s Chlorine is a beautiful work of art arranged by director Diego Gavioli to perfectly express on film what Alice Bisi’s words communicate in lyrics; unsettling gutted out feelings spinning in fragile containers, a black and white repetitiveness that eventually captures the fluorescent part of Chlorine, and a sense of completion that is never really exhaustive. In the meanwhile the song has captured the listener’s ears with a build up that leaves no escape: replay.

Just back from the debut at SXSW, BIRTHH announces the first shows in motherland Italy for the summer festivals, but stay tuned for more soon!

01-05-2016 PESARO – Splashdown
19-05-2016 BOLOGNA – No Glucose Festival @ Mikasa
28-05-2016 MILANO – Mi Ami Festival @ Magnolia
02-07-2016 SOLIERA (MO) – Arti Vive Festival
16-07-2016 CHIAVERANO (TO) – A Night Like This Festival
22-07-2016 CHIANCIANO TERME (SI) – Festa della Musica
27-07-2016 LOCOROTONDO (BA) – Docks 101
28-07-2016 GIOVINAZZO (BA) – Giovinazzo Festival
21-08-2016 EBOLI (SA) – Disorder Fest