Why Are You Worried Now? – Skelets On Me

Special days have different meanings for each one of us, depending on personal experiences and untold memories. What matters for us today is that Skelets On Me are gifting us with a heart warming song and a hypnotizing video, to complete Why Are You Worried Now? into an audio video artwork that could have easily been shown at some New York avant-garde exhibition in the 80s. Here is how Skelets On Me introduces the song:
“Celebrating Christmas, by remembering a person who taught me to appreciate it when I was little, came almost natural. Right after she was gone, I met her in this “non-place”, where dreams and reality are very close, and it deeply moved me. I’m so grateful for that last encounter, which made me aware of both our strengths and fragilities, and of where I belong. That’s all this song is about.
So: Merry Christmas!”

Recorded by Guido Giorgi
Video by Ulpiano Capalbo
Part of the text is taken from the essay “Walking” by Henry David Thoreau
Artwork by Chiara Leardini