Be Forest share new single, video, tour, fanzine

It’s that time of the year when surprises never seem to be over, and Be Forest just exceeded themselves with a new single, a video, and a fanzine! As you might have already seen it premiered on Brooklynvegan, the band shares the single Glow, anticipating the debut release of a fanzine due to come out in January 2016. The first number will feature Be Forest and the song will be pressed on a limited edition flexi (pre-order!). The all package will be presented at Eurosonic in the Netherlands, coinciding with the band’s performance at the festival. This is what Costanza has to say about the song:
“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” – Nietzsche Glow was written at the end of November, beginning of the Winter, in one of those nights so foggy that you can’t see anything and it feels like nothing surrounds you. With Glow came the moment to forgive ourselves, to accept who we are for what we are, because it’s never too late to change, never to late to be at peace with yourself. Now is the time to love ourselves and looking back with no regrets, but being aware that we are all special on this planet. Without darkness we wouldn’t have been able to see the stars, and in the end we all are dancing stars.


Be Forest – 2016 Tour Dates

11.01.16 Nancy @ Machine à Vapeur – France
12.01.16 Paris @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire – France
13.01.16 Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wellen – Luxembourg
14.01.16 Groningen @ ESNS – Netherlands
15.01.16 Groningen @ Platosonic (Plato recordstore) h. 12.00 – Netherlands
15.01.16 Hamburg @ Astrastube – Germany
16.01.16 Göttingen @ Nörgelbuff – Germany
18.01.16 Berlin @ Schokoladen – Germany
19.01.16 Dresden @ Ostpol – Germany