Ok, have you ever received two fan-videos of the same song within a few hours from each other? It happened to Be Forest, for the song Totem, opening track of their latest full length Earthbeat. And if this wasn’t already crazy enough, yesterday, September 20th, a documentary featuring once again Totem, premiered at the World Expo in Milan, Italy. In this age of fast scroll, watching 3 videos in a row sounds like a waste of time… Well try to take your time back and relax your thumb! You can thank us later…

The first video comes from Argentina and was shot between Angentina and Brazil by Javier Devitt, who wants to let the video talk for itself:

The second video comes from the UK via Vietnam, by director James Swindells, who discovered Be Forest through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. James is a TV and digital creative director and you can check his work here:

And last but not least comes this documentary by Giulio Tonincelli, filmed between Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. We link here the whole video because it is so beautiful and inspiring that it’s worth the few extra minutes.

ABC del Sur || by Giulio Tonincelli from 7milamiglialontano on Vimeo.