We are very happy to announce the release of this limited edition vinyl from our buddy Horrible Present. If you want to get a feel of what you are looking at just read his own presentation, it probably describes the music better than any review!

“I like to describe my project Horrible Present as a One Man Vagaband.
When I was a kid my mom taught me that the most important thing in life is to travel and to experience different kinds of things.
And my dad had guitars and organs everywhere.
After traveling a lot I eventually found myself back in New York City about two years ago. NY is home. People here think I’m Argentinian, French, Dutch, Brazilian, Swedish, Israeli or Russian. Venice is never even a guess.
I have a framed picture hanging on my bedroom wall of a young Bob DeNiro with Liza Minnelli and a random kid, everyone thinks its an old family photo.
It’s hilarious.
I’m extremely fascinated by the past.
The psychedelia in the 60s. I dig the depth of old time crooners. The warmth of tubes. I want guitars sexy like Link Wray. Like the Shangri-Las ‘Walking in the Sand’. Sexy like The Stones.
Right now I’m all about Sanford Clark. I think of him as my spiritual dad. Mixed with Syd Barrett.
I named our oldest family dog after Syd. The other one is called Lennon. Just saying.
I love talking about Chalino Sanchez. And my longtime lovers, Elvis and Luigi Tenco.
I sample the 20s. The 30s. The 40s. I loop my vocals. Falsetto and BamBam. Yeah Doowop!
I’m positive. Future is gonna be glorious. And repetitive. And trippy.
And we will only drink mezcal. And we will always dream. It’s endless.
I do dream about the ocean quite often. I guess its the Venetian, the fisherman, the old sailor in me.
“Intuition” is a collection of songs I recorded and mixed entirely in my room in Brooklyn.
My buddy Frank made the artwork. My friend Sammy made the video. Nicole’s shadow sent me good vibes.
My pals at WWNBB are releasing it.
Cakes & Tapes is putting it on tape as well.
It’s like a family picture. It’s warm. And framed.
I can totally say that most of my decisions are instinct-driven. No doubt.
Intuition never left our apartment, Union Plaza.
Intuition is also a Buckminster-Fuller book I borrowed from my friend Tom. It’s more than simple inspiration. It’s a total rip-off haha.
I hope you like it. ”

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