Teleportation for Echopark


Echopark is the project of London-based Antonio Elia Forte. His music is surprisingly fresh and we are happy to share with you the first single, taken from Echopark’s forthcoming album: Trees. The song Teleportation is premiering on Under the Radar, where you can as well download and store it in your device for a few enjoyable minutes while running in the sunset light.

Trees, will be released by WWNBB and Enclaves Music on April 15th (Europe) / April 16th (US)

The feedback so far is really good (read below), and we are very excited, almost teleportated!

Echopark – Teleportation by Enclaves

Under The Radar (Premiere)
““Teleportation” is a hazy piece of layered pop that sounds not unlike a kissing cousin to Youth

Prefix Mag
“Echopark, the moniker of Antonio Elia Forte, resides in London, yet his music is very much the product of his native place in the Mediterranean, known as the “California of Italy”. Located in the heel of the boot­shaped country, beach and board culture bask in the sun while music progresses in the underground in Lecce.”

“The sounds gracing ‘Teleportation’ ­ the lead track on Forte’s forthcoming ‘Trees’ debut ­ are, to put it figuratively, the branches on said tree that split off into various, scattered directions. This guy never sits still. He’ll settle on one fleeting sound before taking it to even further depths. It’s totally fascinating; an endless thrill.”