Still Flyin’ announce new album – Cleat Talking free download

San Francisco’s Still Flyin’, a.k.a. our all times favorite party crew is giving us a sneak peak of the latest full-length “On a Bedroom Wall”.

First single Cleat Talking provides the perfect first taste. Built around a repetitive, rhythmic backbone, and with layers of free percussion and summery marimbas, Still Flyin’ restate their life-affirming hammjamm credo, letting us know that you don’t gotta be no super brain to have a good time — just grab some pals, some brews and a pair of cleats, and you’re all set! A perfect predecessor to the band’s forthcoming album, On A Bedroom Wall, due out on on May 21st.

The album was recorded by Haima Marriott (Architecture in Helsinki), mixed by Wyatt Cusick (Love is All) and mastered by Scott Hull. On A Bedroom Wall’s release will team up WWNBB collective, Higline Records (UK), Lost & Lonesome (AU), Staatsakt (GER) and Ernest Jenning (US).

Now listen, download, and go out for a run with this song in your ears! You gotta get ready to wear those cleats!

Cleat Talking by Still Flyin’


We know you were confused…

That’s why Still Flyin’ came up with a brilliant competition:

“What makes YOUR cleats talk?  What causes you to do excessive celebrations?  Send us a drawing/tattoo/video/feature-length movie of you doing some choice moves and choice celebrations and be the winner of a pair of custom-made Still Flyin’ CLEATS!”

All the info to win the custom-made cleats and tons of other prizes on the band’s website and facebook.