A Classic Education – Hey There Stranger (with exclusive Remixes)

We Were Never Being Boring Collective and Lefse Records team up to bring you the vinyl version of A Classic Education‘s Hey There Stranger. Originally released at the end of 2010 in digital and cd format, this EP is the bands first bold announcement to the world. As webzine The Line Of Best Fit puts it “you’re unlikely to find a more polished introduction to a band than Hey There Stranger– if a debut album can carry even half the substance, melodies and brains of this first work, it’ll come close to being a modern day, you guessed it, classic.”The EP is now expanded to include 5 remixes of artists loved by A Classic Education. Exclusive to this release are Banjo Or Freakout‘s minimal idm-warped take on Terrible Day, Visions Of Trees‘ spazz-electro-palm party I Lost Time, Crimea X and their cosmic kraut version of Devilish Coast Sway, Welcome Back Sailors gives the french touch to Gone To Sea while Death In Plainsgoes with the “destroys all barriers” approach.”The brightness of their wonderful songs is hard to contain on any terrestrial plane”. – Altered Zones”Classic is right. Songs so sturdy you’d swear you’ve heard ‘em before. You haven’t, but you will.” – SPIN

I Lost Time feels like an epic single painstakingly assembled from discarded piles of sonic rubble. Truly impressive stuff.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

Terrible Day (Banjo or Freakout Remix) by headphonesman

title: Hey There Stranger (with exclusive Remixes)
band: a classic education / website / fb
format: vinyl 12″
Release Date:July 15th 2011
limited edition: 300 copies


1. Gone To Sea
2. Terrible Day
3. What My Life Could Have Been
4. Devilish Coast Sway
5. I Lost Time
6. Toi

1. Terrible Day (Banjo Or Freakout remix)
2. I Lost Time (Visions Of Trees remix)
3. Gone To Sea (Welcome Back Sailors remix)
4. Devilish Coast Sway (Crimea X remix)
5. Gone To Sea (Death In Plains remix)