uploading updates for the new year

So many news and updates that we don’t know where to start!!

-New year/new name for the once unpronounceable band known as The Calorifer is Very Hot! that shortened simply to Calorifero, ain’t it easier? Nice of them that they changed the name leaving us a great last song released by the sweet people at Lockengeloet on a pretty neato gatefold LP in good company of bands such as Television Personalities! Calorifero promises already a new EP titled Mind Warp that will be released in March. Can’t wait!

Young Wrists keep surprising the world (and us too!). The Independent wrote an article about them being one of the most blogged artists in 2010. Not bad! We suggest to check our store for their debut Wasted Youth, it might be sold out soon!

Horrible Present finally decided to give himself  to the audience with his very first live performance! You better check out the dates because we’re sure concerts will be rare and special. And if it’s a while to the next one you can entertain youself reading his first interview by La Belle Epop.

Still Flyin’ are going to release a new “album” or compilation titled  Neu Ideas via Ernest Jenning Record co. Ideas that, for this band that we love, never end. We look forward to receive more news from them, and even better we expect them to come on tour soon! Check their page that I didn’t link because it’s just great: www.takeyourshoesoffyoudontneedtheminthesky.com/

-The European cuteness invasion by The Ian Fays finished last week after the three weeks tour presenting their new album Jensen’s Camera. If you hadn’t had the chance (sorry dude!) to see them live, you can still enjoy the amazing pictures taken by Elena Morelli for Rollingstone and read a concert review by Federico Pirozzi.