Antony Harding – Listen to the new single “Walk with no real place to go” – New album pre-prder


Walk With No Real Place to Go is Antony Harding‘s first single from his forthcoming album By the Yellow Sea, out on June 29th.

Walk With no Real Place to Go is a warm but lonely stroll down city streets and country roads, accompanied by the strum and jangle of an old 12 string acoustic guitar and a hazy lazy rhythm.

You can listen to the song and download it (here and here) while pre-ordering the album on our Bandcamp pages. The iTunes pre-sale will start on June 1st. By the Yellow Sea will be available on CD and digital.

Frida & Ale – I don’t like to see others having fun

Once upon a time there was a Swedish band called Rough Bunnies, formed by two gals who played indie-pop as if it were punk: exceeding passion and a bit of sauciness. One half of the band was Frida Vermina, who kept playing music even after the end of the “bunnies”.
On the southern side of Europe, on the Italian hills, Ale has never stopped loving Frida’s music – and now, with his help, Frida’s music has finally become an album.
After sharing the stage a number of times with each other’s band throughout the years, Frida & Ale have seen each other whenever there was a chance (mostly depending on low-cost flights). Neither of the two speaks the other’s language, but nonetheless, with emails and Skype-calls between the Brescian hills and the streets of Malmö, their debut “I Don’t Like to See Others Having Fun” can finally see the light.
This is an indie-pop album painted with water-colors and seeking simplicity thorugh its’ acoustic tones (think about a bitterer Lucksmiths reincarnation meeting a more disciplined version of the Moldy Peaches); ideally these songs are for all the connoisseurs of meaningless self-desctructive love, and for those who love nights of endless dreams.
“I Don’t Like To See Others Having Fun” was recorded in Brescia (Italy), at Red Carpet Studio, and was mastered by Lorenzo Caperchi. Many of the WWNBB’s family participated in one way or another: Fabio Benni, Ombretta Ghidini, Alessandro Stefana, Nicola Donà, Simone Gelmini, Michele Marelli, Samuele Palazzi and Daniela Savoldi played guitars, basses, drums, slide-guitars, keyboards, cellos, glockenspiels, and even recorded some vocals.
It might be true that Frida & Ale “don’t like to see others having fun”, but for sure they like to make them have fun!.

C’era una volta una band svedese chiamata Rough Bunnies. Erano due fanciulle che suonavano indiepop come se fosse punk, con esuberante passione e una certa insolenza. Spezzarono non pochi cuori anche in Italia. La metà non bionda della band, Frida, ha continuato a fare musica anche dopo la fine della “conigliette”, e ora quella musica con l’aiuto di Alessandro Paderno (dei nostri Le Man Avec Les Lunettes) è finalmente diventata un disco.
Dopo avere condiviso tour e palchi con le rispettive band, in questi anni Frida e Ale hanno continuato a incontrarsi ogni volta che potevano, dipendeva un po’ dalle offerte dei voli low-cost. Nessuno dei due parla la lingua dell’altro, eppure tra scambi di mille email e lunghe telefonate su Skype la sera tardi, tra le colline bresciane e le strade di Malmö I Don’t Like To See Others Having Fun ha finalmente preso forma.
Un disco di indiepop dai colori primaverili e dai toni acustici che insegue la massima semplicità (pensate a qualcosa a metà strada tra una reincarnazione meno dolce dei Lucksmiths e una più disciplinata dei Moldy Peaches), e che idealmente è dedicato a tutti gli “intenditori di amori privi di senso che portano all’autodistruzione” e agli appassionati di “notti di sogni senza fine”. I Don’t Like To See Others Having Fun è stato registrato al Red Carpet Studio di Brescia e masterizzato da Lorenzo Caperchi. Un sacco di musicisti della famiglia WWNBB hanno dato una mano: Fabio Benni, Ombretta Ghidini, Alessandro Stefana, Nicola Donà, Simone Gelmini, Michele Marelli, Samuele Palazzi e Daniela Savoldi hanno suonato chitarre, bassi, batterie, tastiere, viole, violoncelli e glockenspiel, e hanno regalato anche alcuni preziosi cori.
Sarà anche vero che qualche volta “non ci piace vedere gli altri che si divertono”, ma di sicuro ci piace farli divertire.


Three in One Gentleman Suit – Notturno

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 3.46.58 PM

Three in One Gentleman Suit is one of the best sounding bands you’ve heard in a long time. After over 10 years of career, four full lengths, hundreds of shows throughout Europe and Asia, dozens of collaborations and side projects, WWNBB is extremely proud to introduce Three in One Gentleman Suite’s new record, Notturno, to anyone in the US who hasn’t heard of them yet. Technically perfect and thoughtfully deep, the 8 songs that shape the trio’s fifth album are a journey to the depth of our own personal nights, in all the aspects that may surround it. As the band itself describes it: “The atmosphere of the whole album is nocturnal (Notturno), the stylistic sound choices and the lyrics, so personal and rarefied and yet combined with the persuasive pace of the rhythmics..”  Notturno is available now in the US on a limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital download.

Buy the album

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes share new track, announce gigs in Germany


Italian pop darlings Le Man Avec Les Lunettes have recorded various covers over the course of their 10 years career. Originally available as various spare tracks, LMALL have collected their covers into a soundcloud playlist. Their latest is a beautiful version of REM’s classic, Night Swimming. Check it out!

Additionally, LMALL have announced three gigs in Germany. Dates are below:

31.03.15 Würzburg @ Cairo w/Be Forest
01.04.15 Berlin @ kusskuss
02.04.15 Hamburg @ Astrastube

WWNBB Night in San Francisco and Be Forest Tour

We are happy to announce our first WWNBB night in San Francisco, CA, on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern. The WWNBB night will coincide with Be Forest‘s kick-off of their 2nd US tour (dates below).  The line-up for the night will include Bay Area jammers Still Flyin’, and the beach garage of Burnt Palms! For the occasion we are offering a “plus 1″ deal to the first 10 people buying tickets: you buy a ticket, and you get an extra one for a friend! But don’t worry if you miss this chance, for the first 30 people arriving at the show we are giving away music from our catalog, for free! You have no excuses now! Buy here your ticket for the WWNBB night on March 5th at The Hemlock Tavern:


Be Forest US tour

05-03-2015 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (USA) – The Hemlock (w/Still Flyin’+Burnt Palms)

08-03-2015 LOS ANGELES, CA (USA) – The Echo (w/Vaniish+Intimatchine)

09-03-2015 SAN DIEGO, CA (USA) – The Hideout (w/Tennis System)

10-03-2015 PHOENIX, AZ (USA) – Obscura

12-03-2015 EL PASO, TX (USA) – Lowbrow Palace

15-03-2015 DENTON, TX (USA) – Dan Silverleaf – 35 Denton (9:45 pm)

18-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW Official Show @ Valhalla (12:00 am)

19-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ KVRX unofficial show

20-03-2015 AUSTIN, TX (USA) – SXSW @ Music for Listeners (01:00 pm)

Be Forest. perform “Earthstrings” with String Quartet


Be Forest perform “Earthstrings” with string quartet
Opening: Welcome Back Sailors
Feb 18th @ Circolo Magnolia, Milano

Very happy to announce that Be Forest will be playing a special show called “Earthstrings”. They will play Earthbeat, their last album, with a string quartet!

Hope to see you there!

all infos:


Frida & Ale – Crazy Love

We can’t contain our excitement in announcing that Frida & Ale will release a 10″ vinyl in April! The duo’s forthcoming album is titled “I Don’t Like to See Others Having Fun” and today we can listen to the first single, Crazy Love. Asked about the track, Frida commented: “It is a song that was supposed to be fast, even faster than how it sounds here, but when we recorded it, we were so tired from being in the sun that we played it slow!”
The Swedish pace meets the Italian sun.. and pop-jewels are born!
You can now pre-order the limited edition 10″ vinyl here: pre-order EUpre-order US