Stream “To fade at Dusk” (Rockit Premiere)


Officially out on October 5th, you can now stream The Yellow Traffic Light‘s first EP, To Fade at Dusk, courtesy of our friends at Rockit. To Fade at Dusk will be available on limited edition CD and digital.

Burger Shot
Cole Drives Too Fast

PRE-ORDERS for the EP are available HERE (EU) or HERE (US)


Ok, have you ever received two fan-videos of the same song within a few hours from each other? It happened to Be Forest, for the song Totem, opening track of their latest full length Earthbeat. And if this wasn’t already crazy enough, yesterday, September 20th, a documentary featuring once again Totem, premiered at the World Expo in Milan, Italy. In this age of fast scroll, watching 3 videos in a row sounds like a waste of time… Well try to take your time back and relax your thumb! You can thank us later…

The first video comes from Argentina and was shot between Angentina and Brazil by Javier Devitt, who wants to let the video talk for itself:

The second video comes from the UK via Vietnam, by director James Swindells, who discovered Be Forest through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. James is a TV and digital creative director and you can check his work here:

And last but not least comes this documentary by Giulio Tonincelli, filmed between Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. We link here the whole video because it is so beautiful and inspiring that it’s worth the few extra minutes.

ABC del Sur || by Giulio Tonincelli from 7milamiglialontano on Vimeo.

Bloss – …to Hide Ourselves in Time


Bloss in tedesco significa solo, puro, nudo. È da questa radice che nasce la musica di questa nuova band ferrarese. La ricerca di un suono scarno, ma non per questo più semplice. Non c’è niente di “comodo” in quello che raccontano i Bloss. “So dry and so dirty / we should find a way out”, cantano in Dressed Like Pilots. “Love’s gone and we wash our hands”, recita solenne e privo di illusioni il primo verso del singolo Borders. I Bloss immaginano la loro musica come un passante solitario tra la folla, e non è una coincidenza che abbiano intitolato il loro debutto …To Hide Ourselves In Time. Influenze new wave che si fanno aspre e scure, mentre altrove è un rock’n’roll primitivo a sembrare la sola via d’uscita, ad esempio in Summer Fades, diretta e sfacciata come i migliori Arctic Monkeys. Matteo Maragno e Nazareno Realdini hanno dato vita alla band alla fine dell’estate del 2014. Per i concerti la formazione si allarga, aggiungendo Stefano Boschiero, bassista e amico, da qualche tempo presenza fissa della band. Il disco è stato registrato al Red Carpet Studio di Brescia da Alessandro Paderno e mixato a Ferrara da Luca Magni negli studi Sonika. “…To Hide Ourselves In Time” è disponibile in digital download e CD a tiratura limitata.

Bloss is German for pure, bare, only. And that word is the origin for the music of this new band from Ferrara, Italy. Bloss are seeking a dry and direct sound, but not as a shortcut, because there’s nothing easy or comforting in what they tell in their songs: “So dry and so dirty / we should find a way out”, they sing in Dressed Like Pilots; “Love’s gone and we wash our hands”, is the opening statement, stripped of any illusion, for the single Borders. Bloss imagine their music as a lonely soul through a crowd, and it’s not a coincidence that their debut is titled …To Hide Ourselves In Time. Bitter and dark new wave influences, surrounded by a primitive rock’n’roll as the only way out, like in Summer Fades, a direct punch reminding us of the best Arctic Monkeys. Matteo Maragno and Nazareno Realdini started the band in 2014, and they count on the help of Stefano Boschiero, on bass, for the live shows. “…To Hide Ourselves in Time” was recorded in Brescia, Italy, by Alessandro Paderno at Red Carpet Studio, and was mixed in Ferrara by Luca Magni at Sonika studios, and it is available now on digital and limited edition CD.


Welcome Back Sailors – Remix

Welcome Back Sailors released Tourismo on November 24, 2014, and received great critics for it. Since then our Sailors have been busy performing, but friends Dj Rocca, Go Dugong, Casa Del Mirto, and Giusto, put their hands on some of the tracks to give their own personal spin on them. The result is this perfect-for-the-summer Remix Ep, available now on vinyl and digital.

Buy it! [EU]
Buy it! [US]

Be Forest – “Hideway” with string quartet

In Febraury 2015 Be Forest went on stage to perform their 2014’s success Earthbeat together with a string quartet.  That special collaboration took the name of “Earthstrings“.

The whole concert was recorded and filmed on February 18th at Magnolia, in Milan – Italy, and the extract above is the exquisite rendition of “Hideway”.

“Earthstrings” went on stage again a few months later in Pesaro, on the beautiful scenery of Teatro Rossini and now, on Thursday July 16th, Be Forest will join once more the string quartet for what is going to be another unforgettable event in the cloister of Vicolo Bolognetti in Bologna, Italy.

We’ll be there, and so should you!

Skelets On Me release new single “Sailors”

With perfect timing for a Monday in July, Skelets On Me release today their new single Sailors. Premiered by Impose Magazine, you can click above to listen and download the song (for free!), plus you should check out the following interview that Sjimon Gompers from Impose did with Valentina Giani, voice and guitar for Skelets On Me. Enjoy!

Impose – How did the three of you band together, as a project that first began in your living room? Describe for us the story behind the name Skelets On Me.

Skelets – Me and Francesco (Candura) were already living together when I had started to write my first songs. He asked if I wanted to record them and I thought it might be interesting. So we did it, and after a couple of months I received a mail from Samuele of WWNBB asking me if I wanted to join the label. I discovered that Francesco had put the songs on Soundcloud and sent them to WWNBB, and I was like “WOOOO, that’s incredible, I’d never thought that someone would like or even HEAR them!”. So we tried to rehearse with Francesco on drums and a bass player during last year, but it didn’t really go well for many reasons. Knowing that we had to find another member, we thought that it would’ve been a better idea to search for a drummer instead, since Francesco preferred to play “his” instrument (bass). We met Francesco (Puccinelli) through a mutual friend, and knew that he had played drums for many years, so we simply started to rehearse together. I had a good feeling, and in fact we have been playing together since.
I have always been a huge Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan, and I really liked the expression “Skeleton Me,” which is in one of their songs. I thought about using it my way, so here it is in short words: Skelets are all the worries and paranoias that I sort of befriended: I’ve kind of got used to them. I think that the “Sailors” cover art, made by the talented Chiara Leardini, explains that perfectly. But the thing that I like the most about that name is that it has no meaning, besides the one that I have given to it.

Impose – We have read that the principle philosophy of Skelets is to make a sound that is “loud and clear.” Why are these values of sound so important to you all?

Skelets – Sometimes I overthink, forgetting that the most beautiful things happen by following our instinct and without pretending that everything is perfect, but when I write songs I do it in an impulsive and spontaneous way. When I started recording songs on my phone I didn’t have any expectations, except that I wanted to sound loud and immediate, and I have to say my bandmates are helping me maintain these standards.

Impose – Tell us about following up your “Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak” 7″ with the upcoming “Sailors” single and more for WWNBB.

Skelets – We thought that “Sailors” would have been perfect to be released as the second single, because we were really happy about the recording and how it sounded. I think it sounds different from all the other songs, and it’s also the first one that the three of us have recorded together with proper equipment, thanks to our friend Guido (Giorgi), who helped us a lot and is really smart. Now we are about to record another song and I hope that in the future there can be a full album, but I’m not forcing it. I’m really happy about how things are going so far.

Impose – Tell us what the scenes are like over there in Bruneck.

Skelets – I moved from Bruneck 5 years ago, but I go there once a month to visit my family, and I consider it a very peaceful place, where I can enjoy nature and meet dear friends. I must say that I don’t have a clear idea about what’s happening there right now musically. And when I went to school I didn’t go to many shows there, because I wasn’t really interested in the music my friends were listening to, so I practically missed the whole “scene” when I lived there. There is a nice place in Bruneck called “UFO” that puts on shows, and I know there’s a bunch of folk and rock festivals all around the whole Suedtirol region.

Impose – Who are some other local artists you all dig?

Skelets – There’s this really good psych-improv band called Gerryorsomething? — they don’t have songs as much as one long piece of music, like Miles Davis used to do. We always go to each other’s shows and dig each other’s stuff, even though we’re so different!

Impose – What can we expect from Skelets On Me this summer, fall, winter and more?

Skelets – It would be great to continue doing what we are doing now: recording, doing more and more shows and playing better and better. We’re having fun and I really enjoy making music, it feels great. I would like Skelets On Me to keep growing and growing.

Antony Harding – By The Yellow Sea


 By the Yellow Sea is the fourth full length album from Antony Harding, featuring 8 bright and beautiful, catchy songs inspired by a summer touring China, the Swedish weather, the end of a love and the start of a seemingly never ending walk. Written and played on an old 12 string acoustic guitar bought in a closing down sale in a guitar shop on the Isle of Wight, the songs were recorded lazily on sofas (with feet up on the coffee table) in Barkarby & Stockholm by Antony and mixed during long tea breaks (with biscuits) on the Isle of Wight by Tim Charlton.

 By the Yellow Sea è il quarto album di Antony Harding. Questa nuova piccola perla raccoglie 8 bellissime canzoni composte ispirandosi ad un tour estivo in Cina, al clima Svedese, alla fine di un amore e l’inizio di un cammino che sembra non avere fine. Composte con una vecchia acustica a 12 corde comprata ad una svendita in un negozio di chitarre sull’Isola di Wight, le canzoni sono state registrate in relax su qualche sofà (e coi piedi sul tavolino) a Barkaby e Stoccolma dallo stesso Antony, e sono poi state mixate durante lunghe pause per il tè (coi biscotti) da Tim Charlton sull’Isola di Wight.