OUT NOW: Dizzyride – Lend Me Your Ears


Lend Me Your Ears EP is an ensemble of b-sides, bonus tracks and outtakes from Dizzyride’s forthcoming, first full-length album (out January 2017 on WWNBB).
The EP began forming during a summer tour, while Donà and Kiefl composed with instruments they came across. Tapes and iPhone Voice Memos brought the material back to New York where the duo currently lives and where the songs were completed. Now lend out your ears, get loose and enjoy Dizzyride’s psychedelic touch.

Streaming and freedownload on out bandcamp’s pages:



Dizzyride 2016

Dizzyride 2016

WWNBB night with BIRTHH – Brothers in Law – Love the Unicorn


Wednesday, June 29, WWNBB will celebrate 7 years of never being boring, at Covo Summer Club, in Bologna. On stage BIRTHH, Brothers in Law and Love the Unicorn will perform starting at 8pm, while at the DJ booth Polaroid and Guagno will keep the dancing going. The beautiful poster for the night was designed by artist Fabio Borghi and will be available on Wednesday night on a limited numbered edition! We can’t wait to see you in the most beautiful city in the world, at the venue that has been described as the “Indie Club Mecca”!

Giovanni Ferrario Alliance shares new song “Brush”


Giovanni Ferrario Alliance has shared “Brush”, a first taste of upcoming album “Places, Names, Numbers” (via Gold Flake Paint).

A while ago I was next to a friend who was very ill. Despite everything he hadn’t lost his sense of humor and described to me his dreams, his visions always very clear, with even funny implications.
Brush talks about how you can reach a state of lucidity while you are sick and in treatment, under the influence, sometimes psychedelic, of heavy medication. ‘We want more, we want to stay together’, simple things in a parallel universe.

Have a listen to “Brush” below.

WEIRD BLACK new tracks in free download

Weird Black are taking the opportunity given by the Rome Psych Fest (where they will play on May 14th) to share 2 unreleased songs. Objects In Dreams Are Weirder Than They Appear is the title of this work available for free download on soundcloud, and as the bands puts it “this 2-Tracks-Bootleg was recorded as what remains of ‘Hy Brazil’ psy and lo-fi experience.” The band’s debut album, Hy Brazil, came out earlier this year and we are still playing it loud!

Giovanni Ferrario alliance covers Wyatt-Benge, announces release in October

Giovanni Ferrario Alliance just joined the growing WWNBB’s family and we couldn’t be happier! Ferrario, who in his career has worked with names like PJ Harvey & John Parish, is going to release his new full length Places Names Numbers in October 2016, and as a taste of what the album will be, he decided to record the song Costa, a cover by Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge. Giovanni Ferrario Alliance shares the song accompanied by a beautiful and mesmerizing video created by Jean De Oliveira. Enjoy!

GIOVANNI FERRARIO ALLIANCE – COSTA (cover R. Wyatt / A. Benge) from We Were Never Being Boring on Vimeo.


Norway’s Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl is known to most as Soda Fountain Rag, and we are happy to announce that she is back with a beautifully catchy and yet touching album titled Extra Life, out this April via WWNBB. Ragnhild’s newest work (the first since Reel Around Me) was partly written in Bergen and in part scrapped while on tour during the last five years, then recorded by Alessandro Paderno and Fabio Benni (Le Man Avec Les Lunettes) at Red Carpet Studio (Italy) in October 2015/ January 2016. Extra Life is a collection of stills from Ragnhild’s life, ranging from the highest high to the lowest low. Exrta Life comes in a beautiful artwork by Silja Haddal Mork, and you can order now this very limited edition (only 100 copies!) on 12″ vinyl or digital download, directly from our stores.

Buy the album [EU]

Buy the album [US]

 Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl e’meglio conosciuta come Soda Fountain Rag,e siamo contenti di annunciare il suo ritorno con un bellissimo album, caratterizzato da melodie pop e da canzoni molto personali, intitolato Extra Life e uscito per WWNBB il 29 Aprile.  Il nuovo lavoro di Ragnhild (il primo dopo Reel Around Me) e’stato registrato in parte a Bergen e in parte in giro per l’ Europa negli ultimi cinque anni, successivamente registrato da Alessandro Paderno e Fabio Benni (Le Man Avec Les Lunettes) al Red Carpet Studio (Italy) in due sessioni, Ottobre 2015 e Gennaio  2016.
Extra Life e’ una raccolta di fotogrammi della vita di Ragnhild, dai picchi piu’ alti a quelli piu’ bassi.
Extra Life e’ stato stampato in una edizione limitatissima di 100 copie in vinile 12″ la cui copertina e’ stata disegnata da Silja Haddal Mork.

Buy the album [EU]

Buy the album [US]



debuting WWNB3 live video sessions

Three songs each, is the loose rule for the project, all other artistic decisions are in the bands’ own hands. The idea starts from the love we have for our bands and their fans, and the sometimes missing link of an intimate way to experience the music in a personally relatable live setting. So we decided to create, or take advantage, of an already intimate setting and bring it to you via our new “WWNB3”, a series of live videos produced together with the bands and able to express the raw character of who’s behind the music without the barrier of a package or an unfortunate PA at a random venue.

Our first series features the latest addition to the WWNBB’s family, BIRTHH, whose session was filmed shortly after the ending of the recordings for their album “Born in the Woods”, but before their live debut at SXSW in Austin, TX. It is a unique moment for the band as it pictures the very beginning stages of their career while giving a real sense of the direction BIRTHH has for the future. Enjoy the show!

BIRTHH shares haunting video for CHLORINE – announces tour

The first instant replay comes automatically, at first you can’t even tell wether for the video or the song, and the more you keep pressing play over and over, the less you get closer to an answer. The music video for BIRTHH‘s Chlorine is a beautiful work of art arranged by director Diego Gavioli to perfectly express on film what Alice Bisi’s words communicate in lyrics; unsettling gutted out feelings spinning in fragile containers, a black and white repetitiveness that eventually captures the fluorescent part of Chlorine, and a sense of completion that is never really exhaustive. In the meanwhile the song has captured the listener’s ears with a build up that leaves no escape: replay.

Just back from the debut at SXSW, BIRTHH announces the first shows in motherland Italy for the summer festivals, but stay tuned for more soon!

01-05-2016 PESARO – Splashdown
19-05-2016 BOLOGNA – No Glucose Festival @ Mikasa
28-05-2016 MILANO – Mi Ami Festival @ Magnolia
02-07-2016 SOLIERA (MO) – Arti Vive Festival
16-07-2016 CHIAVERANO (TO) – A Night Like This Festival
22-07-2016 CHIANCIANO TERME (SI) – Festa della Musica
27-07-2016 LOCOROTONDO (BA) – Docks 101
28-07-2016 GIOVINAZZO (BA) – Giovinazzo Festival
21-08-2016 EBOLI (SA) – Disorder Fest