Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Summer Summer – Official Video

There’s a new Le Man Avec Les Lunettes video online! Premiere on Impose! Swimming visual sentiments arranged courtesy of Erica Terenzi’s (Be Forest) and Lorenzo Musto, additional vocals by Costanza of Be Forest.

Music Video for Summer Summer directed by MUTE project. Summer Summer was writter by Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, recorder by Alessandro Paderno & Fabio Benni, mixed & mastered by Lorenzo Caperchi @ Red Carpet Studio.

‘Summer Summer ‘ appears on Le Man Avec Les Lunettes’s 2014 album ‘Make It Happen’, available from,
iTunes – itunes.apple.com/it/album/make-it-happen­/id798914931
Bandcamp – wwnbb.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-053-make-­it-happen-le-man-avec-les-lunettes
Amazon – amazon.it/Make-Happen-Man-Avec-Lunettes/­dp/B00JYN66XE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid­=1413570781&sr=8-4&keywords=le+m­an+avec+les+lunettes

Be Forest – Indian Summer cover and US tour

As announced yesterday via Brooklyn Vegan, Be Forest will be making their first trip to North America between October and November. The tour will start in NYC for CMJ and will end on the West Coast after a month. The band also just released a beautiful cover of Beat Happening’s “Indian Summer” that you can watch above or stream below.

Be Forest – 2014 Tour Dates

10/22 – New York – Terrorbird CMJ Party @ Cake Shop (12:30)
10/22 – New York @ CMJ – DROM (20:15)
10/27 – Philadelpha @ Milkboy
11/2 – Cincinnati @ The Rake’s End w/JERK
11/3 – St. Louis @ Plush
11/4 – Chicago @ Empty Bottle
11/5 – Milwaukee @ Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace w/Sat. Nite Duets
11/6 – San Diego @ The Hideout w/ Tennis System
11/7 – Tucson @ Solar Culture
11/8 – Phoenix @ Rips Bar – Obscura w/ Tennis System
11/10 – Los Angeles @ KXLU – Part Time Punks
11/11 – Los Angeles @ Los Globos w/Tennis System
11/12 – Oakland @ Night Light w/Tennis System
11/13 – San Francisco @ Knockout w/Tennis System
11/15 – Sacramento @ Witch Room w/ Tennis System
11/16 – Portland @ Rontom’s w/Ghost to Falco
11/18 – Seattle @ KEXP
11/19 – Coeur d’Alene @ Hanging Dcuk w/ Tennis System
11/21 – Seattle @ Hollow Earth w/ Tennis System
11/22 – Arcata @ The Alibi w/ Tennis System

Be Forest / WWNBB http://www.wwnbb.net/artists/beforest/
Website http://beforestofficial.tumblr.com/
Like Be Forest on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beforest3
Follow Be Forest on Twitter https://twitter.com/beforest3
Be Forest shop EU: wwnbb.bandcamp.com
Be Forest shop US: wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com

Out now! Skelets On Me – Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak

 Valentina Giani comes from Bruneck, between the mountains of Trentino, but it is in the city of Trieste where she writes, plays and records her songs. Maruška Kapić and Francesco Candura (Jennifer Gentle, Stop the Wheel) complete the trio. They take the name of Skelets On Me, and their first work is titled Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak, pressed on 7″ vinyl with a track per side, and available also as a digital download EP of 6 songs. Skelets On Me’s sound is gaunt and direct as K records’ school taught us to love.  Joining together rough electric assaults and innocent melodies in the tradition of bands like Sleater-Kinney, Breeders and Huggy Bear, seems entirely natural and spontaneous for Skelets On Me. And listening to their music, comes natural to crank-up the volume more and more.

 Valentina Giani è originaria di Brunico, tra i monti del Trentino, ma è nella città di Trieste che scrive, suona e registra le sue canzoni. I suoi compagni di avventura sono Maruška Kapić e Francesco Candura (Jennifer Gentle, Stop the Wheel). Prendono il nome di Skelets On Meil loro primo lavoro si intitola Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak, stampato in vinile 7″ (una traccia per lato), e disponibile anche in download digitale come EP di 6 canzoni. Il suono degli Skelets On Me è quello scarno e diretto che la scuola K Records ci ha insegnato ad amare. Unire ruvidi assalti elettrici e melodie innocenti, nel solco della tradizione di band come Sleater-Kinney, Breeders e Huggy Bear, riesce ai Skelets On Me del tutto naturale e spontaneo. E ascoltando la loro musica viene voglia di alzare sempre di più il volume.

Skelets On Me – Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak


It’s always a pleasant feeling when we get hit by a sound, then by a song and finally by the whole band.  It happened with Skelets On Me: a project started by Valentina Giani (voice, guitars), who started recording in her living room. She is now helped by Francesco Candura (drums) and Maruška Kapić (bass, backing vocals). They introduced themselves by saying:: “All that matters is making it loud and clear”. We melted! “Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak” is the single taken from Skelets On Me’s forthcoming debut 7″ vinyl. Enjoy!

Jack Eden – self titled debut EP – OUT NOW!

Jack Eden is the nocturnal and solitary soul of Giacomo Stolzini, vocalist and guitar player from Brothers in Law. Inside this self-titled EP, however, we don’t find the saturated guitars that we know and love, but instead a black and white of synthesizers and drum machines finished with a breath of cold reverberations. It’s sorrowful and melancholic pop that reminds one of a Suicide’s show, some afternoon in January, standing in front of the ocean, many years ago.. For his solo project, born in 2013 while tinkering with an old Casio, Jack has decided to reduce the instrumentation to a minimum, working all by subtraction and with very little effects. The result is this concrete debut EP, in which the eternal struggle between the gloom of certain atmospheres and the sweetness of the melodies is a never ending ping-pong match. Jack Eden is out now digitally from our bandcamp pages. Download it!

Jack Eden è l’anima notturna e solitaria di Giacomo Stolzini, già voce del trio pesarese Brothers In Law. Dentro Jack Eden, però, non ci sono le chitarre sature che conosciamo e amiamo, ma un bianco e nero di synth e drum machine, e un soffio freddo di riverberi che avvolgono ogni cosa. Pop dolente e malinconico come un concerto dei Suicide davanti al Mare Adriatico un pomeriggio di gennaio, tanti anni fa. Per il suo progetto solista, nato nel 2013 giocando con una vecchia
Casio, Jack ha deciso di ridurre la strumentazione al minimo, lavorando tutto per sottrazione e con pochissimi effetti. Il risultato è questo deciso EP di debutto, dentro il quale l’eterna lotta tra la cupezza di certe atmosfere e la dolcezza delle melodie è una partita a ping pong che non finisce mai. Jack Eden è scaricabile da ora sulla nostra pagina store. Scaricalo!

Horrible Present – Rare & Nocturnal – video

Premiered earlier today by Interview Magazine, here’s the video for Rare & Nocturnal from Horrible Present’s newest album Intuition, out now on limited 12″ vinyl and digital. The video was made by Samatha Casolari and best represents Horrible Present’s imaginary of weird and shimmering psychedelia. Enjoy the song, enjoy the video, buy the record!


We are very happy to announce the release of this limited edition vinyl from our buddy Horrible Present. If you want to get a feel of what you are looking at just read his own presentation, it probably describes the music better than any review!

“I like to describe my project Horrible Present as a One Man Vagaband.
When I was a kid my mom taught me that the most important thing in life is to travel and to experience different kinds of things.
And my dad had guitars and organs everywhere.
After traveling a lot I eventually found myself back in New York City about two years ago. NY is home. People here think I’m Argentinian, French, Dutch, Brazilian, Swedish, Israeli or Russian. Venice is never even a guess.
I have a framed picture hanging on my bedroom wall of a young Bob DeNiro with Liza Minnelli and a random kid, everyone thinks its an old family photo.
It’s hilarious.
I’m extremely fascinated by the past.
The psychedelia in the 60s. I dig the depth of old time crooners. The warmth of tubes. I want guitars sexy like Link Wray. Like the Shangri-Las ‘Walking in the Sand’. Sexy like The Stones.
Right now I’m all about Sanford Clark. I think of him as my spiritual dad. Mixed with Syd Barrett.
I named our oldest family dog after Syd. The other one is called Lennon. Just saying.
I love talking about Chalino Sanchez. And my longtime lovers, Elvis and Luigi Tenco.
I sample the 20s. The 30s. The 40s. I loop my vocals. Falsetto and BamBam. Yeah Doowop!
I’m positive. Future is gonna be glorious. And repetitive. And trippy.
And we will only drink mezcal. And we will always dream. It’s endless.
I do dream about the ocean quite often. I guess its the Venetian, the fisherman, the old sailor in me.
“Intuition” is a collection of songs I recorded and mixed entirely in my room in Brooklyn.
My buddy Frank made the artwork. My friend Sammy made the video. Nicole’s shadow sent me good vibes.
My pals at WWNBB are releasing it.
Cakes & Tapes is putting it on tape as well.
It’s like a family picture. It’s warm. And framed.
I can totally say that most of my decisions are instinct-driven. No doubt.
Intuition never left our apartment, Union Plaza.
Intuition is also a Buckminster-Fuller book I borrowed from my friend Tom. It’s more than simple inspiration. It’s a total rip-off haha.
I hope you like it. ”

Buy the record US

Buy the record EU